Berry’s Memes: Double Threat Meme

Berry’s Memes: Double Threat Meme

Getting Ready To Go...

Time to take a break from blogging skins because I’m fair exhausted by it all (Did you spot what I did there? I have no shame..) and let my mind wander over to that special place where Strawberry Singh’s Meme Challenges reside. I haven’t done all of them yet but I do try to and I particularly like her latest, the ‘Double Threat Meme’. Here are my answers!

Two online screen names you’ve had: Well, my very first name ever online was Ookster. I had a cat named Ook, so I added to it and used that. I used that name all over the place in the early years of the internet on programs such as Pirch and ICQ, that kind of thing, so if you ever saw that name it was possible me! I don’t use either of those applications anymore, and over the years my online identity morphed into ‘Ookster the Kittywitch’, and now more often than not my online name is Kittywitch.

Two video games you’ve played: My favourite game ever was Superfrog on the Amiga. I could still play that and get happy today, it was just beautifully done and tons of fun to play. As for another game? Well, in my house there are currently 28 arcade machines, so as you can imagine I’ve played a lot! I guess my second favourite game would be Gauntlet II. We have a cracking example of of those and I always play Valkyrie as my character. Incidentally, I am USELESS at it. (Can I have a bonus? I love playing the Baby Park on Mario Kart.  It’s just the whizzing round and throwing eggs and shells at people, such fun!)

Two things you love about Second Life: Dressing up and decorating my space. I love making Kitty look good, and I find the process very relaxing and enjoyable.  It’s definitely therapy for me!

Two things you’ve done in Second Life: Gosh I’ve been here a while and done a lot of stuff! Two things? I was present for the last night of The Three Lions .  (Stop the press, that was 8 bloody years ago!! It only feels like yesterday!!) That was a very entertaining, although poignant, night for all! I hung out with Richard Hawley when he played a gig in-world too. He said I looked good, which was nice. (I’d dressed up all Rockabilly style)

Two things you still want to do in Second Life:  My ambition is to have my own pub/hangout ! Ah, if wishing made it so because I need the land and the cash to start with,  but I really want to resurrect the feeling of The Three Lions again. I want a really good quality mesh build, it has to look right, and I want it to be somewhere that people come for music and dancing and frolics just like The Three Lions of old.  As you can tell, I miss that place such a lot, and I know my pub would never be the same but I wouldn’t want it to be.  I would want my venue to be inspired by the original, but to build on the community which that founded with the friends that I miss terribly. Sadly this is a complete pipe dream because it’s not something I can afford to do, so I live in hope of finding the perfect pub in-world still that will recreate the feeling I used to get at 3L. The second thing that I would like to do in Second Life is to help a designer craft a capsule wardrobe based on Kitty’s style ethos.  That means plain but well-textured jersey frocks in great colours, shirts and denim skirts and leather and denim jackets, boots, sneakers and such BUT with one proviso: they MUST feature cats! (Dream would be that I would do this with Nylon Pinkney and Polyester Partridge.  Can you imagine how fabulous that would be?!)

Two things you like about your Second Life avatar:   like Kitty’s face. I do think she’s a very pretty avatar, and I also like the fact that her weight fluctuates just like in real life, so sometimes, depending on ‘her’ mood, she’s a bit chunkier on some days. I love the mesh bodies that are available now too, so often times I’m just lounging around in my virtual abode in my undies throwing outfits together and enjoying the view, as it were!

Two of your Second Life Pet-Peeves: Inflated egos and drama-llamas. Anything that ends up on SLSecrets really, ’nuff said!

Two things you did as a newbie that you’re embarrassed by: My original shape was ridiculous. Top heavy, super thin and hands like shovels. I thought I looked great but I looked a proper chuff.  Also, I liked face-lights a bit too much. I’m not sorry. (In other words YE GODS THE EMBARRASSMENT! I AM SO SORRY!!)

Two of your closest friends in Second Life: Two very special friends are London Callin’ and Cyclic Gearz.

Two of the most beloved things in your inventory: This is a very tough question to answer.  At the present time I have almost 58k inventory items which is an utterly ridiculous number, so thinking of something precious out of that lot is a hard task indeed! I’d be distraught if I lost my inventory, I really would and I’ve suffered that once before.  It was few years ago now (fortunately it wasn’t as big) and it really did upset me very much.  The thing is we invest emotion and money into our virtual things, so losing them can prove as hard as losing something precious in real life.  I’m avoiding the question, can you tell? OK, I guess if I lost Kitty’s shape (her face has always been the same, apart from a few tweaks here and there) I’d be gutted because I’d feel like I’d lost ‘her’. As for something else? Well, anything cat related is pretty important to me, my collection of Chibi Cats made by Allegory Malaprop take pride of place in my virtual kitchen cupboards so losing them would break my heart!

Thanks again for a challenging Blogger,erm, challenge Berrycakes!

These Boots Were Made For Autumn

These Boots Were Made For Autumn

kinky boots

It’s the law that whenever I write about boots or shoes, my troll brain starts singing either ‘Kinky Boots’ or ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’. Tonight it’s the latter, because I am stomping around in these wee numbers from LVLE. They’ve been lovingly made by Cyclic Gearz and are really simple yet super-effective ankle boots featuring zips to the side. I really hope that Cyclic is going to consider adding different textures to this style of boot, because I really like the shape of them. In particular, leather and faux croc patterns would look rather dandy don’t you think?

Oneword November 2014 Autumn Poster

They’re available in a selection of seasonal shades from ONEWORD, which is a bimonthly event created around one single word, which of course this month is AUTUMN.

You can find out more details about ONEWORD by following these links:

Facebook Group:
Flickr Group:

And you can discover more great LVLE shoes by visiting the LVLE Mainstore, or LVLE at Slinkwest.


Starstruck and…Listless?

Starstruck and…Listless?

No, not in the way you think. Recall my previous post and my constant bleating about texture being all? Well here are some more prime examples of what a difference an expertly deployed texture can make to a piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for some formal chairs for your home then you can’t go wrong with these Regency style beauties from ‘Starstruck’. They’re totally the right side of formal, but rather than fussy velour embossed dark-wood ol’ Grandma chairs these are finished in white with beautiful modern vibrant textures applied. They would look just the ticket against whitewashed walls, stripped wooden floors, a plain white table and a simple chandelier, don’t you think? (In fact they are the total opposite of Listless..perhaps there’s some irony there, I dunno..)

Even better, they cost a mere L$150 each. Totally trendy and mundo impressive.

And while we’re at ait..check out the Gacha in store. For L$100 a you can grab a couch and for L$50 a matching chair.

What’s not to love??

There’s not much else on sale in Starstruck at the moment, but I’m looking at the space and imagining it will be filled with some special things in future…one to keep your eye on methinks!

“Our House, in the middle of our street”

“Our House, in the middle of our street”

Y’know, this may sound a bit odd in a virtual world where you can live in a space station, a castle, or a dustbin should you so choose, but sometimes it’s way too easy to find yourself becoming alienated by the suave and sophisticated ultra-modern abodes that seem to overwhelm every nook and cranny in the metaverse.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a passion for Second Life real estate bar none, but sometimes it can be a know.

I wonder if it’s because I’m a Northern lass, in a town full of terraces and semis. Not quite Coronation Street, but close if you get my drift.
I do actually have a huge admiration for terraced houses actually; my very first home was a terrace and I have totally fond memories of it. They’re cosy, and often very old, but imbued with character that you just don’t get in a new-build property.

Having lived in both I can say, hand on heart, the older house was tons better.So it’s with some delight that I can say I’ve found a rather fabulous terraced-style property that would be perfect for building a community around; in fact, I know a few real houses exactly like this one!

This is ‘The Hathern’, and it’s available from a couple of locations at the moment: the first being  ‘Starstruck’ a new store from well-known designer and super-cutie Cyclic Gearz. She has great plans for the store, which is a work-in-progress at the moment, but you will already discover a cute range of furniture in pastel shades and quirky shapes perfect for the shabby chic AND the Alice-In-Wonderland afficianado. But the real treat in my opinion is this wee prefab that she has created. It’s right out of a Northern soap opera, featuring bespoke texturing and authentic brick styling. Great textures, and you can modify this to your heart’s content make it a deceptively simple build. Details make all the difference: I love the fact that it sports a UPVC door and a drainpipe and grill, as well as two fireplaces and an open staircase (perfect for tripping upon).

So, if you’re looking for a small, modifiable abode. why not go what estate agents would probably describe as ‘bijou’? It’s 87 prims, and is currently L$350 at the ‘I ❤ Originals Fair‘ (Usual price is L$500 at the main store)

Oh, And I’m not the only person to rave about this …click here and here to see what some of SL’s most popular bloggers think!