These Boots Were Made For Autumn

kinky boots

It’s the law that whenever I write about boots or shoes, my troll brain starts singing either ‘Kinky Boots’ or ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’. Tonight it’s the latter, because I am stomping around in these wee numbers from LVLE. They’ve been lovingly made by Cyclic Gearz and are really simple yet super-effective ankle boots featuring zips to the side. I really hope that Cyclic is going to consider adding different textures to this style of boot, because I really like the shape of them. In particular, leather and faux croc patterns would look rather dandy don’t you think?

Oneword November 2014 Autumn Poster

They’re available in a selection of seasonal shades from ONEWORD, which is a bimonthly event created around one single word, which of course this month is AUTUMN.

You can find out more details about ONEWORD by following these links:

Facebook Group:
Flickr Group:

And you can discover more great LVLE shoes by visiting the LVLE Mainstore, or LVLE at Slinkwest.


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