Starstruck and…Listless?

Starstruck and…Listless?

No, not in the way you think. Recall my previous post and my constant bleating about texture being all? Well here are some more prime examples of what a difference an expertly deployed texture can make to a piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for some formal chairs for your home then you can’t go wrong with these Regency style beauties from ‘Starstruck’. They’re totally the right side of formal, but rather than fussy velour embossed dark-wood ol’ Grandma chairs these are finished in white with beautiful modern vibrant textures applied. They would look just the ticket against whitewashed walls, stripped wooden floors, a plain white table and a simple chandelier, don’t you think? (In fact they are the total opposite of Listless..perhaps there’s some irony there, I dunno..)

Even better, they cost a mere L$150 each. Totally trendy and mundo impressive.

And while we’re at ait..check out the Gacha in store. For L$100 a you can grab a couch and for L$50 a matching chair.

What’s not to love??

There’s not much else on sale in Starstruck at the moment, but I’m looking at the space and imagining it will be filled with some special things in future…one to keep your eye on methinks!

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