Kitty’s appetite is mildly suppressed at faMESHed

So, I pootled on over to FaMESHed, thinking I’d not get in, and yet..I did. There was only about three other avis there at the time I visited, so it wasn’t packed like I had anticipated..But do NOT be put off by that statement, the items that are here are indeed as good a quality as you would expect from such well-known creators. There are representations here from The Loft, Cracked Mirror, House Of London, Hoorenbeek (not out when I visited), E!, Geometry, Nya, Starstruck, Exile, Valentina E., GOS, Aura, Handverk Kaun, Alice Project and Maxi Gossamer.  Predominately female fashion then, a few furnishing items, a quartet of hairstyles and a few items for the boys.

There’s a ‘Look Of The Month’ collaboration betwixt Mon Tissu and Celoe, which is lovely BUT I tend to steer away from them because you can occasionally see doppelgängers in the same outfit and quite frankly that just won’t do 😉 Still the trousers (ok, slacks) are rather festive in their tangerine hue and the look has been styled with creativity and flair. Kitty like.

However, for me what really stood out was this uber fancy Godiva-esque mesh hair style from Wasabi Pills. It’s called ‘Jacqueline’ and it just clicked with me in a way that long hair styles have been doing recently. I love the way it sits over the shoulders and the flicks that frame the face. Very girly, very natural..not groundbreaking by a long shot but special nonetheless. You get four colours in a pack for L$250, which for mesh hair is good, and it’s a sound investment because you can dress up and down this style with ease.

My other favourite item are the Cracked Mirror bootcut jeans. There are four denim colours to choose from (blue, faded blue, black or just faded) and they really look the part. L$295 isn’t bad a price either, and if you’re clever you’ll click the Subscribo that’s next to the jeans because if you do you receive a rather lovely tank top for your trouble!

So there you have it, faMESHed. A successful if somewhat unspectacular launch methinks (and I don’t mean that in a nasty way; it’s good, but not grid changing) featuring some nifty mesh items that are sure to appeal. A gentle start then, but  I look forward to much more to come in the months ahead.

Here’s your ride to FAMESHED.

Check out the blog by clicking HERE.

Starstruck and…Listless?

No, not in the way you think. Recall my previous post and my constant bleating about texture being all? Well here are some more prime examples of what a difference an expertly deployed texture can make to a piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for some formal chairs for your home then you can’t go wrong with these Regency style beauties from ‘Starstruck’. They’re totally the right side of formal, but rather than fussy velour embossed dark-wood ol’ Grandma chairs these are finished in white with beautiful modern vibrant textures applied. They would look just the ticket against whitewashed walls, stripped wooden floors, a plain white table and a simple chandelier, don’t you think? (In fact they are the total opposite of Listless..perhaps there’s some irony there, I dunno..)

Even better, they cost a mere L$150 each. Totally trendy and mundo impressive.

And while we’re at ait..check out the Gacha in store. For L$100 a you can grab a couch and for L$50 a matching chair.

What’s not to love??

There’s not much else on sale in Starstruck at the moment, but I’m looking at the space and imagining it will be filled with some special things in future…one to keep your eye on methinks!

“Our House, in the middle of our street”

Y’know, this may sound a bit odd in a virtual world where you can live in a space station, a castle, or a dustbin should you so choose, but sometimes it’s way too easy to find yourself becoming alienated by the suave and sophisticated ultra-modern abodes that seem to overwhelm every nook and cranny in the metaverse.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a passion for Second Life real estate bar none, but sometimes it can be a know.

I wonder if it’s because I’m a Northern lass, in a town full of terraces and semis. Not quite Coronation Street, but close if you get my drift.
I do actually have a huge admiration for terraced houses actually; my very first home was a terrace and I have totally fond memories of it. They’re cosy, and often very old, but imbued with character that you just don’t get in a new-build property.

Having lived in both I can say, hand on heart, the older house was tons better.So it’s with some delight that I can say I’ve found a rather fabulous terraced-style property that would be perfect for building a community around; in fact, I know a few real houses exactly like this one!

This is ‘The Hathern’, and it’s available from a couple of locations at the moment: the first being  ‘Starstruck’ a new store from well-known designer and super-cutie Cyclic Gearz. She has great plans for the store, which is a work-in-progress at the moment, but you will already discover a cute range of furniture in pastel shades and quirky shapes perfect for the shabby chic AND the Alice-In-Wonderland afficianado. But the real treat in my opinion is this wee prefab that she has created. It’s right out of a Northern soap opera, featuring bespoke texturing and authentic brick styling. Great textures, and you can modify this to your heart’s content make it a deceptively simple build. Details make all the difference: I love the fact that it sports a UPVC door and a drainpipe and grill, as well as two fireplaces and an open staircase (perfect for tripping upon).

So, if you’re looking for a small, modifiable abode. why not go what estate agents would probably describe as ‘bijou’? It’s 87 prims, and is currently L$350 at the ‘I ❤ Originals Fair‘ (Usual price is L$500 at the main store)

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