The Drax Files Episode 9 Is Out Now!

After a brief sojourn Draxtor Despres is back with another excellent episode of his machinima series ‘The Drax Files: World Makers’.

I really missed his regular updates while he was away, so I was delighted to receive word from the great man himself that he’d uploaded a new episode and raced home to view it.

This episode features Tiffany Mitchell (in-world Elie Spot), the designer behind coveted brands Mon Tissu and Celoe, both located on the Mayfair sim.

The first thing that struck me about Elie is that she is just as beautiful in real life as she is in Second, where she creates wonderful clothing, shoes and accessories.

I was really pleased to see her genuine enthusiasm for our virtual world, a trait that I absolutely adore seeing in fellow Second Lifers, and it would seem that the metaverse has provided her with a welcome outlet for her many creative talents.

There’s no doubting that Tiffany is a busy lass in both universes, and she lives the kind of life that I can only dream about. Second Life is her main source of  income (how impressive is that?) but she’s also a blogger at ‘Offbeat and Inspired’, a real life DIY lifestyle blog.  Not only that but she also finds the time to be the creative editor at ‘Cake & Whiskey’; a  magazine aimed at women in business.

I for one certainly found this edition of The Draxtor Files inspiring, and can only wish Tiffany/Elie all the very best for her future endeavours in both worlds.


Kitty’s appetite is mildly suppressed at faMESHed

So, I pootled on over to FaMESHed, thinking I’d not get in, and yet..I did. There was only about three other avis there at the time I visited, so it wasn’t packed like I had anticipated..But do NOT be put off by that statement, the items that are here are indeed as good a quality as you would expect from such well-known creators. There are representations here from The Loft, Cracked Mirror, House Of London, Hoorenbeek (not out when I visited), E!, Geometry, Nya, Starstruck, Exile, Valentina E., GOS, Aura, Handverk Kaun, Alice Project and Maxi Gossamer.  Predominately female fashion then, a few furnishing items, a quartet of hairstyles and a few items for the boys.

There’s a ‘Look Of The Month’ collaboration betwixt Mon Tissu and Celoe, which is lovely BUT I tend to steer away from them because you can occasionally see doppelgängers in the same outfit and quite frankly that just won’t do 😉 Still the trousers (ok, slacks) are rather festive in their tangerine hue and the look has been styled with creativity and flair. Kitty like.

However, for me what really stood out was this uber fancy Godiva-esque mesh hair style from Wasabi Pills. It’s called ‘Jacqueline’ and it just clicked with me in a way that long hair styles have been doing recently. I love the way it sits over the shoulders and the flicks that frame the face. Very girly, very natural..not groundbreaking by a long shot but special nonetheless. You get four colours in a pack for L$250, which for mesh hair is good, and it’s a sound investment because you can dress up and down this style with ease.

My other favourite item are the Cracked Mirror bootcut jeans. There are four denim colours to choose from (blue, faded blue, black or just faded) and they really look the part. L$295 isn’t bad a price either, and if you’re clever you’ll click the Subscribo that’s next to the jeans because if you do you receive a rather lovely tank top for your trouble!

So there you have it, faMESHed. A successful if somewhat unspectacular launch methinks (and I don’t mean that in a nasty way; it’s good, but not grid changing) featuring some nifty mesh items that are sure to appeal. A gentle start then, but  I look forward to much more to come in the months ahead.

Here’s your ride to FAMESHED.

Check out the blog by clicking HERE.