The Drax Files: World Makers Episode 13 ‘Creations For Parkinsons’

The Drax Files: World Makers Episode 13 ‘Creations For Parkinsons’

 I absolutely adore this video series that Draxtor is producing and I think he’s just uploaded his most moving episode to date.  

The video features 86 year old Fran Serenade, who uses Second Life to engage with friends and partake in activities such as horseback riding and experiencing the metaverse as a beautiful Mermaid avatar.

Fran has Parkinsons Disease, and by engaging in Second Life she is able to enjoy herself free from the limitations that her condition often puts upon her. 

Even better, it would appear that her participation  in Second Life is proving to be a great source of therapy for her condition and Fran is convinced that her experiences in Second Life are enabling positive changes in her real life condition too!

This is such a fantastic insight into the charitable sector and how Second Life can be used to assist and educate about serious medical conditions.

Not only that but both Fran and her daughter are really beautiful people, and I could not help but be moved by this episode.  (In fact, I’m going to visit ‘Creations For Parkinsons’ and say ‘Hi!’)

Keep ’em coming Drax; you really deserve an award for the fantastic work that you’re doing for our virtual homeland! 

The Drax Files Episode 9 Is Out Now!

The Drax Files Episode 9 Is Out Now!

After a brief sojourn Draxtor Despres is back with another excellent episode of his machinima series ‘The Drax Files: World Makers’.

I really missed his regular updates while he was away, so I was delighted to receive word from the great man himself that he’d uploaded a new episode and raced home to view it.

This episode features Tiffany Mitchell (in-world Elie Spot), the designer behind coveted brands Mon Tissu and Celoe, both located on the Mayfair sim.

The first thing that struck me about Elie is that she is just as beautiful in real life as she is in Second, where she creates wonderful clothing, shoes and accessories.

I was really pleased to see her genuine enthusiasm for our virtual world, a trait that I absolutely adore seeing in fellow Second Lifers, and it would seem that the metaverse has provided her with a welcome outlet for her many creative talents.

There’s no doubting that Tiffany is a busy lass in both universes, and she lives the kind of life that I can only dream about. Second Life is her main source of  income (how impressive is that?) but she’s also a blogger at ‘Offbeat and Inspired’, a real life DIY lifestyle blog.  Not only that but she also finds the time to be the creative editor at ‘Cake & Whiskey’; a  magazine aimed at women in business.

I for one certainly found this edition of The Draxtor Files inspiring, and can only wish Tiffany/Elie all the very best for her future endeavours in both worlds.