The ‘C’ Word….

The ‘C’ Word….

Ok….deep breath. CHRISTMAS!!! ( A Crackberry Christmas, to be precise)
GAHHAHAHAHAHHHH!!! Run away right now, flee I tell you, FLEE!
Actually, Christmas is pretty damn near perfect in Second Life because you can decorate in whatever way you see fit without any of the real life hassle of drawing pins popping your phallic balloon arrangement (never gets old that one does it?) and blu-tack staining your Mum’s best wallpaper. Crackberry has started early, and is offering a rather yumsome knitted Christmas Tree. I Know, KNITTED!! Can you imagine?! No pine needles falling off that baby, just dropped stitches! (I’ll get me coat) It looks fab actually, really fun and different and for L$60 you get two versions; one resplendent with flashing decorations at 20 prims, and one without all the deco that weighs in at a measley 6 prims.

There are some other items of interest too; a Christmas shelf called ‘Christmas Gathering’ featuring some nice decor and a cushion arrangement which is part of the L$55 Moody Mondays offering. There’s also what can only be described as a minimalist Christmas Tree, well it’s called ‘Simple Christmas Tree’ and for L$10 it is just that. Reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s festive effort, it’s a branch. Really. There’s also the misfit reindeer collection- these are pretty groovy although to be honest the reindeer looks like he may have hemorrhoids (check out his expression; that is NOT a happy reindeer)

While you’re visiting have a meander and check out some of the other amazing stuff Crackberry has to offer. I’m especially enamoured with the floral arrangements-in particular the glorious bamboo plants which would look fantastic in a Chinese styled home. In fact, if you have friends in world who are moving into a new abode, might I boldy suggest that you treat them to a nice plant or two from Crackberry? Bamboo is a lucky plant y’see..hopefully that luck extends to the virtual! Or if bamboo doesn’t appeal, why not try the potted Lily Of The Valley, or even the mosaic vases that are available on the first floor? Kittywitchin’, meeting all your gift buying needs and then some, eh?

Taxi to Crackberry ahoy!

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