Whisky a go-go!

Whisky a go-go!

I felt like a bit of a change of hair today, as you do.

Now, my normal hair of choice is practically always something by Truth Hawks, but I tend towards bobbed styles for some reason and although he has a few superb examples amongst his repertoire, I often have to look farther afield. The problem is, you find yourself used to a certain set of colours and textures; and I know where I am when it comes to Truth’s hair; I know the colours that work best on me and quite often it means I can be really naughty and purchase a pack without even trying it on, gasp-the horror!- because I know it won’t look bobbins.

But it’s good to try new things, and that was what I found myself doing today. I was on a meander, cruising for nicies (cue Sinitta!) when I happened across the latest post about the new Fashion Garret Collection on The Rumor blog. I toddled off to investigate, and found myself not looking at the wares that were advertised, but somewhat off-course and drooling at hairstyles in a highly unladylike fashion.

The styles I had come across were by a new designer to me; Gia Pawpad ( Best. Surname. Ever.) The brand being called ‘LoQ’ (Which confused me a tad, any relation to LAQ?) I’d found myself in a bijou outlet, and being the nosey type I took a LM and went to the main store. And promptly jizzed in my pants.

It’s places like this that make me GLAD I’ve come back to SL, seriously…

After I’d wiped the drool off my chin I elected to try two styles; Liqueur and Whisky (sic) ( Note: Hair named after booze, +1 million internet points!) The colour options are to die for, no shit. Absolutely top notch hair textures, oozing with colour and styles that are so high fashion as to make ‘Uncle’ Karl Lagerfeld spontaneously combust (Oh how I wish that would happen..pompous prick) There’s even a discount store adjacent to the main featuring catwalk-worthy hair that would make Gaga squee with envy.

The only problem is knowing which hair to choose when you’re on limited funds. I made an executive decision, and elected to purchase ‘Whisky I’ in the brown pack, featuring Chocolate Copper, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown and Caramel. Hairbases are also included in the pack and the total cost is a very reasonable L$220.

So, am I happy with my new hair purchase? Well, you take a look at the picture and tell me what you think, am I not seriously worthy of some uber-nommage or what? I’m only sorry that my extended hiatus meant that I’ve missed out on some recent offers, but no matter.

LOQ and Gia Pawpad’s details are now firmly stashed away in my Second Life little black book…. Click here to go see for yourself!

(True you know; I do have a black book of SL stuff. Because my memory is shit and I can never remember where I see stuff and things. Seriously!)

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