Kitty’s In A Mood…..

Kitty’s In A Mood…..

I haven’t treated myself to any jewellery in ages in Second Life. This is because I’m uber fussy, and a lot of the jewllery that is available frankly doesn’t hold any appeal. I prefer simple structured shapes to outlandish cut-throat fashionism 99% of the time, and then very infrequently I’ll want something so totally mad bonkers that I’ll only ever wear it once. So, me being a lazy chuff, I don’t tend to bother UNLESS it’s something uber-amazing from somewhere like Deco, or Miel, or Mood.

And it’s Mood that I’m writing about now because Jori Watler has just released a rather fabulous necklace and earring set that is so versatile that I can see it becoming a quintessential part of my SL wardrobe. It’s called ‘Chaos’, but there’s nothing haphazard or chaotic about the construction-it’s a perfect arrangement of loops and links. Think belcher without any belch, elegantly aligned and formed into a perfect ensemble to wear every day. It’s just as adaptable to special occasions too; the earrings in particular with their clustered-drop effect look sensational. The necklace looks great with backless gowns too; the fastening at the back is a cluster of loops that sounds as though it could look messy, but it just works. Totally unpretentious, classy styling that will last a virtual lifetime.

Of course, it comes with sizing options to ensure a perfect fit, and there are also texture change options too, making this even more attractive as investment pieces go. You can choose to wear Antiqued, Bronze, Gold, Gun Metal, Military and Platinum stylings. I was a bit worried when I selected the antiqued choice, as I half expected Bam Margera to come at me with a bag of flour but I needn’t have worried; the finishing and textures are all spot on, EXCEPT I’m a bit disappointed with the Military option. To me, that would be a dark green; in this set it seemed very light, almost lime and I wasn’t keen. Still ny not liking one option out of the six doesn’t make this any less of a worthy buy. I didn’t spot the option to demo this set, which I would have appreciated, because L$475 is a LOT to shell out but needless to say it’s entirely worth every penny. I won’t be taking it off anytime soon, and because it’s not nickel I’m pretty damn sure my neck won’t turn a funny colour either:)

Check out the blog and visit the store to get your mitts on this very special set. (I was trying to be so good with my spends today..I now have three lindens to last me a week. Woe is me, Fabfree for me it is then!)

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