Top one, nice one, get sorted at Collabor88!

Top one, nice one, get sorted at Collabor88!

Now first up, this is me not being a cowbag and having a total toys out of the pram moment. It could be, it has the potential to be, but it’s not, because I realise that being a designer of quality is hard work and opens you up to a LOT of hassle from customers continually mithering you about stuff and things.
I may be a lot of things, but a mitherer ain’t one of them. When I buy something I would love it to fit out of the box, but quite often it doesn’t, so I’m used to a bit of faff. I’m NOT a stick thin avatar- I’m not the size of a tank either. I’m kind of middling; I have a belly, boobies and a bum to park your bike in and rest a pint upon. So I kind of, somewhat sadly, expect that some items are going to be out of my league or need a lot of work to fit me properly. In an ideal world more designers would allow for this, by putting a number of versions of the same outfit in say a small, medium or large size in each box, or even better providing detailed instructions on how to fit. I honestly do not see the problem with doing that, seriously I don’t. It would save a lot of frustrated IM’s and make a designers life a TON easier I’m sure…
Anyway, I was very excited to receive details of the latest Collabor88 event in my inbox and scooted across to get my hands on some goodies. I was particularly in love with the Kimono top and jeans that I had seen advertised from the label -tb- (Juliette Westerburg) and let’s face it, L$88 a pop ain’t going to kill me is it? ( I know-I sneaked a few extra lindens after my splurge yesterday. Bad kitty)
But to say I was disappointed when I got home and tried to fit the ruddy kimono top to my shape is an understatement akin to saying that Kim Kardsashian is an expert on marriage and took her vows seriously..
I have faffed and I have fannied and I have linked and stretched and unlinked and tweaked and pulled and done everything I can to make this beautiful top fit me perfectly, but I’ve given up. I just cannot do it, which is such a shame, because as you can see it is totally beautiful, and matches the jeans perfectly. (No problems with them at all incidentally) The root prim that gives the top definition and the suggestion of folded material is just too darn faffy to manipulate. As you can see from my picture it’s not a perfect fit on me at all, and that is such a shame because I look yumsome in it…sadface. BUT that’s not to say that you shouldn’t give it a try because it is a gloriously dressy item and one I would love to own in real life, let alone Second.

But enough of the wibble and the lip-wobble, there is PLENTY to love about this event. As well as lots of fashion, hair and boots there are some pretty neat housey-happy things to be had. Barnesworth Anubis has provided a fantastic furnishing set featuring my fave plum shade (alas, my living room is NOT getting fannied about with again, I’ve only just got it looking how I like it as is) BUT if I was after new furniture for L$188 for 8 pieces of BA quality you can’t go wrong. There’s even a matching cat bed for the limited edition Kittycats that are on sale here! The Kittycat Collective will go mental for these, although I think they should be called ‘Liberace’ cats owing to the waistcoats and ruffles:) Avies are limited to one each but at L$88 they’re a purry fun-filled bargain:)

Star of the show has to be from Lisp Bazaar. Can Pandora Popstar do no wrong? Answer: Unlikely. I bet she poops rainbows and pees glitter. For this event she’s provided some sublime retro record collection inspired pieces, featuring Hi-Fi units, record players, rugs and wall art. Just frigging fabulous as always, and worthy of a place in your home. It’s already installed in mine:)

Taxi to event: CLICK HERE   Event Blog: CLICK HERE

(Where I am sat in front of it listening to Mark Ronson and the The Buiness International’s amazing ‘Record Collection’ Album because it just works:)

(Oh, and a final note. Isn’t there some neo-Nazi organisation that makes a reference to 88 or something? I only ask cos there was an alsation that appeared and asked if the event was racist…I kid you not. I’m hoping he was being ironic…)

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