Kitty’s Value Virtual Valentine’s Day!

Kitty’s Value Virtual Valentine’s Day!


So I set myself a Kitty-challenge to try and find BARGAIN Valentine’s themed items, seeing as we’re all still skint from Xmas. I really didn’t think it would be easy. I set myself these two simple requirements:

*Items MUST be priced L$0 – L$10.

*Items MUST be quality, no naff particles, dodgy textures or poor build quality (Therefore this knocks a lot of stuff right out of the equation..)

With those criteria I thought that I’d set myself up for a fall, but actually I was completely wrong!

You CAN find stuff on the marketplace that’s uber quality yet cheap as chips! (F*ck me right?) But let me tell you about something awesome in world first of all…

Reader, you MUST take a trip over to BAZAR, but you must be quick!  I don’t know how long this offer will be around for, BUT it’s amazing.

In the picture above I’m stood next to the ‘Good Morning Set’; a romantic breakfast for two for just *gulp* ONE LINDEN.  It’s so brilliant that it’s almost obscene, so please, don’t miss out.  It’s a mere NINE prims with a temp rez breakfast. Just outstanding value and perfect to start your Valentine’s Day celebration!

(Note the Bazar Christmas Gift is still out, which is a beautiful festive fireplace, get one and save it in your inventory for later this year!)  There is another brilliant dollarbie available too; a lounger replete with couples poses that is also currently priced at L$1! Get going sharpish!

So back to the marketplace. Log on and do a search using the word ‘Valentine’.  You’ll get a shedload of hits, so tick the box for L$0-L$10 to narrow things down a bit.

You’ll then be presented with 6089 Items.  FOR UNDER TEN LINDENS!!

There are loads of different things to choose from as well; clothing, poses, cuddle rugs, roses..everything you need. So make a brew and get comfy and work your way through the pages finding your Valentine happy. Wonderful fun. Don’t forget you can narrow the crieteria down by choosing from different options. For example, if you want to give a gift to someone, narrow your search down by choosing ‘TRANSFER’ and you’ll still be presented with 2679 items!

So here are a couple of personal recommendations. The outfit that I’m wearing in the picture at the top of this post was indeed a Marketplace find. It’s by Elenya’s Creations, a new store to me but when I visited it was busy. Can you believe this outfit was free!?  You just have to pop by the store to pick up the Tango appliers, should you require them, but that’s no biggy as the store is very nice indeed. The appliers cost L$1, but that’s nothing to worry about because as you can see the dress looks fantastic, but it can also be worn in a number of different ways (as bra and skirt or bra and undies) for all your Valentine happy. Bargainlicious! (Note the dress is priced at L$99 in-store so if you ‘buy’ it on the marketplace you really are bagging a bargain!)


My other recommendation is this lovely bikini.  Again, a marketplace find, this is the ‘Faboo Valentine Batik Bikini’ and it costs Nuffink! It features a lovely  heart-shaped batik print with two styles of top plus ribbon adornments. It’s actually a group gift from a store called FABOO, and it is precisely that as you can see from the picture above. It’s a really brilliant freebie find:)

Of course pressies need to be wrapped. If you’re looking for quirkiness the LISP BAZAAR has an absolute SHEDLOAD of amazing items priced between L$0-L$10.  There’s a set  of three utterly beautiful Valentine’s gift-boxes  for just L$10 for a start LISP BAZAAR actually has 228 items priced between L$0-L$10 on the marketplace, all quality goodies worth a punt. (There’s a further 93 items between L$50-L$100!)

What Next? also retails a fab set of gifting boxes at L$10, as well as an assortment of goodies under L$10. Like LISP BAZAAR, way too many to list here, let alone check on perms, but be assured all will be quality.

So there you go, if you want bargain Valentine’s goodies for the one you love, then you really have no excuse as they are out there and are very easy to find…

Hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones! 

Top one, nice one, get sorted at Collabor88!

Top one, nice one, get sorted at Collabor88!

Now first up, this is me not being a cowbag and having a total toys out of the pram moment. It could be, it has the potential to be, but it’s not, because I realise that being a designer of quality is hard work and opens you up to a LOT of hassle from customers continually mithering you about stuff and things.
I may be a lot of things, but a mitherer ain’t one of them. When I buy something I would love it to fit out of the box, but quite often it doesn’t, so I’m used to a bit of faff. I’m NOT a stick thin avatar- I’m not the size of a tank either. I’m kind of middling; I have a belly, boobies and a bum to park your bike in and rest a pint upon. So I kind of, somewhat sadly, expect that some items are going to be out of my league or need a lot of work to fit me properly. In an ideal world more designers would allow for this, by putting a number of versions of the same outfit in say a small, medium or large size in each box, or even better providing detailed instructions on how to fit. I honestly do not see the problem with doing that, seriously I don’t. It would save a lot of frustrated IM’s and make a designers life a TON easier I’m sure…
Anyway, I was very excited to receive details of the latest Collabor88 event in my inbox and scooted across to get my hands on some goodies. I was particularly in love with the Kimono top and jeans that I had seen advertised from the label -tb- (Juliette Westerburg) and let’s face it, L$88 a pop ain’t going to kill me is it? ( I know-I sneaked a few extra lindens after my splurge yesterday. Bad kitty)
But to say I was disappointed when I got home and tried to fit the ruddy kimono top to my shape is an understatement akin to saying that Kim Kardsashian is an expert on marriage and took her vows seriously..
I have faffed and I have fannied and I have linked and stretched and unlinked and tweaked and pulled and done everything I can to make this beautiful top fit me perfectly, but I’ve given up. I just cannot do it, which is such a shame, because as you can see it is totally beautiful, and matches the jeans perfectly. (No problems with them at all incidentally) The root prim that gives the top definition and the suggestion of folded material is just too darn faffy to manipulate. As you can see from my picture it’s not a perfect fit on me at all, and that is such a shame because I look yumsome in it…sadface. BUT that’s not to say that you shouldn’t give it a try because it is a gloriously dressy item and one I would love to own in real life, let alone Second.

But enough of the wibble and the lip-wobble, there is PLENTY to love about this event. As well as lots of fashion, hair and boots there are some pretty neat housey-happy things to be had. Barnesworth Anubis has provided a fantastic furnishing set featuring my fave plum shade (alas, my living room is NOT getting fannied about with again, I’ve only just got it looking how I like it as is) BUT if I was after new furniture for L$188 for 8 pieces of BA quality you can’t go wrong. There’s even a matching cat bed for the limited edition Kittycats that are on sale here! The Kittycat Collective will go mental for these, although I think they should be called ‘Liberace’ cats owing to the waistcoats and ruffles:) Avies are limited to one each but at L$88 they’re a purry fun-filled bargain:)

Star of the show has to be from Lisp Bazaar. Can Pandora Popstar do no wrong? Answer: Unlikely. I bet she poops rainbows and pees glitter. For this event she’s provided some sublime retro record collection inspired pieces, featuring Hi-Fi units, record players, rugs and wall art. Just frigging fabulous as always, and worthy of a place in your home. It’s already installed in mine:)

Taxi to event: CLICK HERE   Event Blog: CLICK HERE

(Where I am sat in front of it listening to Mark Ronson and the The Buiness International’s amazing ‘Record Collection’ Album because it just works:)

(Oh, and a final note. Isn’t there some neo-Nazi organisation that makes a reference to 88 or something? I only ask cos there was an alsation that appeared and asked if the event was racist…I kid you not. I’m hoping he was being ironic…)