“Time for bed,” said Kitty..

“Time for bed,” said Kitty..

Ok, try not to focus on the fact that I sort of look like a foxy Mariella Frostrup clone in this picture ok?
What I’m actually wanting to share with you is the beauty of this ‘Darling’ bodysuit that I’m wearing from Sn@tch.

This is just a really simple, slightly dressy lace item and you can of course add layers to it should you wish, but I’m finding it works just fine in a beige or gold shade against my Cocoa LAQ Martine skin. Pretty sexy isn’t it?
There are people in Second Life who go the whole hog when dressing, y’know underwear and outerwear just like in real life, but I’m way too lazy to be one of those I’m afraid.  Look, in a virtual world you CAN go to bed with your boots on!

Anyway, back to this bodysuit, it features buttons on the sleeves and back, but they’re just part of the texture rather than prim, which suits me just fine. Ivey has provided ten sensational colours in the pack which retails at a pretty reasonable L$275 and I think it’s ruddy delightful and set to be a virtual wardrobe staple.

But I also adore the SUR + bodysuit too; this is kind of a dressier take on the style and just oozes class in an almost 1930’s Hollywood way. Yes, I have blogged this before, but it certainly deserves a second take..(click for larger version)

Of course, if you really can’t decide which one to wear, how about you buy them both and then just mix ’em up a bit?  Works for me! I’ve taken the rose belt from the Sur+ bodysuit and I’m wearing it with the gold bodysuit from Sn@tch.  I think I look..priceless:)

Incidentally, the backdrop to these photos is my beautiful new Mudhoney bedroom set at my gorgeous new home, which I shall tell you all about very soon!

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