Bobs Are Like Buses…

Bobs Are Like Buses…

You wait around for a nice swishy-wishy funky-wunky (yes, I’ll stop that now) bob and whadda y’know? TWO come along at once, and both are bloody scrumptious.

First up we have the more conventional of the two: this is ‘Minzy’ by Magika (Good job it wasn’t called ‘Mimsy’ or I would be making all sorts of inappropriate jokes) and it’s pretty much a classic bob, but with more volume and bounce created by adding some shorter layers to the sides and a glorious side-swept fringe. This comes with a HUD so that you can change the colours of both the main style and the streak, and you can even have the fringe parted to the opposite side, should you fancy. You can’t really go wrong with Magika hair especially at L$199 for an 8 colour pack (packs are sold in colour themes, so for example if you purchase the ‘Blondes’ pack you get all the blondes, obviously) I confess I am completely in love with this. It’s so easy to wear, looks just perfect against all the skins I have in my inventory and will mix and match with many an outfit. Pure Second Life bliss, and when you walk it moves beautifully too. More swish than Cat Deeley on acid!Moving on we have a splendid new style from Truth, called ‘Nahla’.  (Click picture to enlarge) Truth is, as we know, the hair God in SL, and this latest release does nothing to wrench that title from just sets it in stone even further. He is a clever sod.

Now, I guess you couldn’t call this a bob in the strictest sense of the word, because it’s shaggier and has much more layering, BUT it does kind of roughly equate one so shush. Either way I’m writing about it because it’s effing fabulous! I mean, JUST LOOK! It comes with two fringe styles; a side-swept fringe like Minzy (Oh I so need to call it Mimsy!) but also a full-on Grizzly Adams style chunky can-barely-see-through-it fringe too. There’s tons of definition and shape due to the amount of layering, and again movement on this style is just divine. You also have a streak option with this as well, but it’s a tad pricier for a pack, setting you back L$250 for a 5 colours BUT it’s definitely worth it.. This is just the ultimate in groupie and bed-head hair really isn’t it?
So there you have it..two delicious bobs ripe for picking.

Which one will you choose?

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