Kitty Keeps It Simple

Kitty Keeps It Simple


DUCKNIPPLE is a great favourite of mine. Whilst not every clothing release is to my taste, they offer fabulous outfits which offer superb value for money with impressive options such as HUD colour change facilities. You really can’t go wrong.  Beanster Potato (awesome name!) has just dropped some new items on the grid and I immediately fell for this tied vest dress.  It’s just L$195 (a total bargain) and has some serious dressy uppy and downy potential.(That’s a technical term that, honset!) It’s incredibly well-made and even though the styling is simple it’s really effective. I like the delicate tie-string embellishment to the front, and the range of colour options (accessible via the HUD), for both dress and cardigan offer tons of styling possibilities. In my opinion it’s a must-have. Fab isn’t it?

ImageAs you can see it works incredibly well with this utterly stunning  ‘SHADE’ hair from MAGIKA. Sabina Gully has promised us a more regular new release schedule this year, and I for one am incredibly excited by that prospect.  She’s always produced fabulous hair but her mesh creations are really proving to be something else.  She’s actually having a mini-sale at the moment, which will run until the 18th. As you can see from the diagram below,’Color Pack 03′ has been revamped. However, only styles released this year have been updated (Those styles are: Many, Such, Never, Road and Shade). Because Sabina doesn’t have a redelivery terminal she’s having an in-world L$50 sale on Color Pack 03 of the updated styles. It’s a fabulous opportunity to get your mitts on the new colours, which are all rather fab, as you can see below!


Last but not least I’m wearing the Spring Skin that was BELLEZA’s contribution to FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY this week. I’ve enhanced it with my favourite eye-liner from MONS, and added my most adored bangles of the moment, from MAXI GOSSAMER for FAMESHED.

Kitty Wears:

  • Hair – ‘Shade’ by MAGIKA (Color Pack 3, L$50 until the 18th)
  • Skin – ‘Spring’ by BELLEZA for Fifty Linden Friday (May no longer be available, go and try your luck anyway!)
  • Eyes -‘Destiny’ Eyes by IKON (Size ML)
  • Eyeliner – Eyeliner Series #8 by MONS
  • Lipstick – ‘Ria’ Glosslip 2 by BELLEZA
  • Dress – Tied vest with HUD by DUCKNIPPLE
  • Nails – Classic Manicure Collection from IZZIE’S
  • Bangles – ‘La Cerlique’ from MAXI GOSSAMER (@ FAMESHED)
  • Pose – ‘Saffron’ #4 by OoO STUDIO
Kitty Loves: The Keira Shirt From ERRATIC

Kitty Loves: The Keira Shirt From ERRATIC


Today was threatening to be a very stinky day in Second Life for me because I’ve tried a number of times to get into C88 without any success. It’s been a nightmare, made worse by the fact that when I do manage to get in my Linden balance suddenly disappears.  Yes, the old L$1- bug has returned with a vengeance.

So instead I’ve decided to tell you about this rather fabulous shirt that I’m wearing. This is the ‘Keira’ shirt from ERRATIC, and I’m completely in love with it.  It fits perfectly and looks absolutely outstanding, as I hope my picture adequately displays.  The shirt is casually styled; tucked in at the front and hanging loose at the back with the most authentic looking creasing I’ve seen in a while. The shading (best seen on the lighter shirts) nails it.  I know I harp on about the importance of textures in practically every post that I write,  but the shape is of course  just as important, and this shirt is probably the best of its type that I’ve encountered in-world.  It’s available in a selection of plains and prints and offers tons of potential for mixing with your favourite separates and  accessories. It’s an essential purchase in my book.

Alas, quality does NOT come cheap, and at L$375 a shirt you may think twice before buying, but I assure you that once you’ve demoed this beauty you will have to own one! Never have I been more tempted by a ‘Buy Everything’ button, but alas, my avatar needs to eat, and I do plan on getting into C88 at some point this month..<shakes fist at screen>

I must also very quickly mention this fabulous hairstyle that I am wearing too.   I must’ve missed the memo that said that MAGIKA had released new hair; so it’s a ruddy good job I was perusing blogs earlier, and I happened across this gorgeous style featured upon Heidi Volare’s ‘The Fashionable Heart’ blog (looking absolutely amazing too I might add!).  This long bob is called ‘Sudden’ and is practically perfect in every way. In fact it’s almost as good as ‘Plenty’, another Sabina Gully style that has totally rocked my world in 2013.  I love the strands of hair at the front of ‘Sudden’ that frame the face perfectly. It’s an incredibly simple style but can be dressed up or down with ease, and I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it.

Right, time to try my luck at C88 again.  Have a lovely Sunday!

Kitty Wears:

  • Shape: Kitty’s Own.
  • Skin: GLAM AFFAIR ‘Vera’ (Jamaica, 10H)
  • Make-Up: MONS – Black Eyeliner, series 3
  • Lashes: MC ‘Falsies’
  • Eyes: IKON ‘Destiny – Maya’ (ML)
  • Necklace: ANE ‘Sexy’ Necklace
  • Hair : Magika ‘Sudden’
The Marvellous Magika Sale! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 29 of 30))

The Marvellous Magika Sale! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 29 of 30))

Magika Sale

There’s a fantastic 50% summer sale just started at Magika.  

The sale will only be available in the inworld store between June 26 – July 10, which means it’s not valid on purchases on the marketplace, but that’s not really a hardship when you can rez in-world and be immediately surrounded by wonderful, awesome hair. And LOTS of avatars, clamouring to buy it!

Get your paws on some fabulous styles like the one I’m wearing above which is called ‘Awake’.

Even better, once the sale is over Sabina has promised lots of lovely new hairstyles for us to enjoy. (I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for bobs obviously!)

Click here to TP to the good stuff!

The Kitty In Red…

The Kitty In Red…

I don’t normally wear my hair long, but Magicka have such amazing long mesh-styles that it would be wrong not to. I ventured out to try this style, called ‘Flourish’, and immediately fell in love. It’s whimsical and romantic and just full of body and life. I’d love my real-life tresses to be like this, alas I may have the length but not the body..or to be me eh? ;P  I’ve never had any issues with Mesh from Magicka so I’m always pretty reassured when making purchases from there. Even so, ALWAYS demo. You never know what kind of stunts SL will pull and it’s never fun parting with your hard earned Linden for something that won’t work/looks wrong. (Incidentally I’m wearing a demo in this picture, not because I’m cheap, but because I wanted to share this amazing style with you)

In keeping with the romantic theme I teamed the hair with the stunning ‘Mons Summer Love Collection Vintage Long Dress’ mesh dress offering from The Dressing Room Blue. This is summer perfection, a beautiful ankle sweeping summery dress with cut out back and delicate red floral print..very Russian peasant. Peasant style pricing too, a very reasonable L$70.

Which leads me neatly on to the skin I’m wearing, it’s called ‘Laika II’ and is a mere L$99 from Filthy this weekend only and it’s a bloody bargain of enormous proportions. The make-up is outstanding on this skin, I’m completely taken by it and you should be too. For your L$99 you get 8 make-ups from a subtle daytime look to dramatic winged eyeliner, via various compositions including green and blue eyeshadow choices. (The lips are glossy and kissable, but you can enhance them even more for L$1 because there are some separate glosses for sale in store too)
Love it, this is a steal of a skin for just L$99 so beg, steal or borrow the dosh because you mustn’t miss out!