The Marvellous Magika Sale! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 29 of 30))

Magika Sale

There’s a fantastic 50% summer sale just started at Magika.  

The sale will only be available in the inworld store between June 26 – July 10, which means it’s not valid on purchases on the marketplace, but that’s not really a hardship when you can rez in-world and be immediately surrounded by wonderful, awesome hair. And LOTS of avatars, clamouring to buy it!

Get your paws on some fabulous styles like the one I’m wearing above which is called ‘Awake’.

Even better, once the sale is over Sabina has promised lots of lovely new hairstyles for us to enjoy. (I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for bobs obviously!)

Click here to TP to the good stuff!

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