The Kitty In Red…

I don’t normally wear my hair long, but Magicka have such amazing long mesh-styles that it would be wrong not to. I ventured out to try this style, called ‘Flourish’, and immediately fell in love. It’s whimsical and romantic and just full of body and life. I’d love my real-life tresses to be like this, alas I may have the length but not the body..or to be me eh? ;P  I’ve never had any issues with Mesh from Magicka so I’m always pretty reassured when making purchases from there. Even so, ALWAYS demo. You never know what kind of stunts SL will pull and it’s never fun parting with your hard earned Linden for something that won’t work/looks wrong. (Incidentally I’m wearing a demo in this picture, not because I’m cheap, but because I wanted to share this amazing style with you)

In keeping with the romantic theme I teamed the hair with the stunning ‘Mons Summer Love Collection Vintage Long Dress’ mesh dress offering from The Dressing Room Blue. This is summer perfection, a beautiful ankle sweeping summery dress with cut out back and delicate red floral print..very Russian peasant. Peasant style pricing too, a very reasonable L$70.

Which leads me neatly on to the skin I’m wearing, it’s called ‘Laika II’ and is a mere L$99 from Filthy this weekend only and it’s a bloody bargain of enormous proportions. The make-up is outstanding on this skin, I’m completely taken by it and you should be too. For your L$99 you get 8 make-ups from a subtle daytime look to dramatic winged eyeliner, via various compositions including green and blue eyeshadow choices. (The lips are glossy and kissable, but you can enhance them even more for L$1 because there are some separate glosses for sale in store too)
Love it, this is a steal of a skin for just L$99 so beg, steal or borrow the dosh because you mustn’t miss out!

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