Kitty Cattery Opens TODAY @ Midnight SLT!

Kitty Cattery Opens TODAY @ Midnight SLT!

..and us lucky ‘ol bloggers received a great wee gift in the official bloggers group to announce the opening of the Kitty Cattery store. Sometimes it’s GOOD to be a blogger:)

Isn’t this canopy bed a bit swish?  It’s beautifully textured (click on the picture for a better look) and is also colour change.  ( I opted for classic black with embossed pattern..very classy as you can see!) My Kittycat Peta adores it:)

By the look of things we’re talking totally posh, high class kitty furnishings here, make no mistake! Thing is, this was a gift so can you imagine the quality of the goodies in store?  EXACTLY. It’s all very promising and exciting, make no mistake!

Opening night is tonight, and that means Midnight SLT at Lionheart Scar is the place to be! Here’s wishing Sookie and Alia all the best with launch!

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