Kitty Cattery Opens TODAY @ Midnight SLT!

..and us lucky ‘ol bloggers received a great wee gift in the official bloggers group to announce the opening of the Kitty Cattery store. Sometimes it’s GOOD to be a blogger:)

Isn’t this canopy bed a bit swish?  It’s beautifully textured (click on the picture for a better look) and is also colour change.  ( I opted for classic black with embossed pattern..very classy as you can see!) My Kittycat Peta adores it:)

By the look of things we’re talking totally posh, high class kitty furnishings here, make no mistake! Thing is, this was a gift so can you imagine the quality of the goodies in store?  EXACTLY. It’s all very promising and exciting, make no mistake!

Opening night is tonight, and that means Midnight SLT at Lionheart Scar is the place to be! Here’s wishing Sookie and Alia all the best with launch!

Cats Sleep Anywhere…

Ailurophilia has started to completely dominate the grid no and it seems everyone is afflicted, designers included.  Sometimes Second Life can get a wee bit too real you know, and all the drama and back-biting can become too much to bear, so what better way to deal with it than shopping for some frou-frou and virtual frippery for your favourite furry beasts?  When the Wildwoods emerged there was huge fuss and furore, but the arrival of the Kittycats seems to have added an extra dimension to the moggie madness. In fact, it seems that at the moment you can’t walk across the grid without stumbling across a cat bed, cat tree or some other essential must-have cat accessory.  If you’ve been bewildered by the choice, here are a few suggestions to get you going…click on the pictures to enlarge:)
Now this one is purrfect (see what I did there?) for you if you are a total ‘cat-mommy’. The Kittycats mainstore is offering a rather sweet Kitty Rocker Basinette.  At L$175 for 10 prims it reeks of cuteness and should you own one, I demand that you fill it to bursting with kittens and take photos! It is, as you would expect, beautifully coloured and textured but then again I haven’t seen anything in the Kittycats store yet that has suffered from bad texture choices or faulty design.  It’s all good and let’s be be honest very feminine, but who cares? This is Second Life and you can overdose on the girly if you want:) The Kitty Rocker Basinette comes in 6 muted shades to coordinate with pretty much any home, although nekos who live in dustbins may find it doesn’t quite work. Incidentally the store has TONS of wonderful beds and scratching posts if the basinette ain’t your thing, and every single one is a corker. Barnesworth Anubis has contributed a few beds and items to the collection himself and they are definitely worth a looksy. You know, I wish you could get this stuff in real life. Instead my lot prefer their beds dank and dingy. I have such chavvy cats!)

La’Licious, which without a doubt is one of the best home and furnishing stores upon the grid, is offering a fantastic freebie to update group members. If you’ve never been to the store before, smack yourself silly around your chops for being so utterly foolish and get yourself over sharpish. If you do visit, be warned you will return home empty of pocket but carrying some of the most beautiful shabby chic and cottage style wares that you can find anywhere in world. I seriously cannot praise Amaliscious Destiny’s products enough; you can furnish your entire home just from this one store and I guarantee that when you invite friends round they will be totally bowled over..but I digress, we’re talking cat accessories here and what you need to do is go to the update group sign that is conveniently located right next to the landing point, join the group and search through past notices to the 10th of February group gift, which is this wee gem:
Yup, it’s a Shabby Chic Canopy Bed, and better still a FREEBIE. Again, TOTALLY girly-whirly but perfect for your Kittycats to slumber in a corner. I have no clue how long it will be available for so you’d better zoom on over (Click here) If this is just too pink and frilly for you, or you prefer a simple bedding arrangement for your furry chum how about a simple laundry basket? If you have mosey around the store to the farthest corner from where you came in, next to the garden entrance, you’ll find a simple but lovely 4 prim rustic basket that is just the ticket and I think looks especially good piled with Wildwoods:) It’s only L$25 so it’s all good!

See it in the corner next to the wheel? Here’s how it looks in situ..pretty neat huh? The cats certainly like it:)

Of course there are a myriad of beds and items available on the marketplace too, but something that’s got me really excited is the news that Sookie Slafford, of the amazing ‘Jolly Farms’ bunny business, and SL artist Alia Whitfield are launching a new store in-world devoted to all things cat.  It’s going to be called Kitty Cattery and promises to feature an amazing array of feline items.  If you’re familiar with Sookie and Alia’s work then you’ll know it’s all about quality, originality and of course artistry too; so I’m expecting big things from them come launch! I’ve no idea when that will be, but you can visit the store’s future location upon Lionheart Scar and join a subscribo there. Here’s a sneaky peeky of the kind of stuffs we can look forward to…

But when it comes down to it, sometimes the best place for a moggy is on your bed. After all, as Jane Pauly said, ‘You can’t look at a sleeping cat and be tense’. I think Second Life could certainly do with a wee bit less tension of late!

(Isn’t this grand? Bedroom from Mudhoney)


And it all started with a couple of nests from my good friend Altair Orellana. I’ve been intrigued by the passion and enthusiasm that owning a virtual pet in Second Life arouses, but I hadn’t gotten around to owning one myself.  Although they appealed, I worried about lag; and our home sim seems to suffer dreadfully from it as is, so conscientious sort that I am I decided against having any. But then Altair showed me her home and her bunnies, and well I got bunny broody. She also assured me that they weren’t as mega laggy as I feared, and teh deal was thus sealed!
Altair gave me the pick of her nests.  I was flabbergasted and totally honoured, but I didn’t have a clue!! I mean what do you do with them, how hard are they to look after, and ultimately, is there any point? There seems to be a massive trade in bunnies and bunny-related items, leading to (some would say) over-breeding and a complete saturation of the market.  But I’m not interested in being a breeder, I’d just like a couple of bunnies to call my own -so I gratefully accepted her gift and got myself all set up for the trials and tribulations of bunny ownership.
I got myself kitted out ready for the inevitable arrival of my fur-babies.  I needed a nice wee hutch, and of course some nommage for my wee charges too, after all being born is an arduous task and they would surely be hungry?  I placed the nests nervously in the hutch, rezzed a bean-bag and sat and waited.  It takes about an hour ( you have a constant countdown hovering above the nest) and I must say it was a very tense hour indeed. I was constantly updating my plurk-feed and getting very, very excited. It never once struck me as being ridiculous or silly, I was just dead excited about the imminent arrival of my very own wee bunnies. Mad isn’t it? The countdown progressed, and then the moment was upon me..who would appear first?
The nest on the left hatched first, and a gorgeous little black boy lop appeared. As you can see from the ears sticking out of the straw it wasn’t long before he was joined by….
..a beautiful female with gorgeous upright ears. YAY! I was beyond myself with pride at this point, and at the same time completely amazed as to how immersed I had become in the whole process.
They immediately started hopping around and I was really struck by how well they were (are) animated. Their eyes blink, they hop around within a set-range and not only that but they dream wee baby bunny dreams when they sleep (of carrots and green fields, naturally)
It’s actually quite easy once you’re read up on the process of keeping bunnies.  I found the official  OZIMALS blog  to be a straightforward resource and it is home to an active  forum with many members updating daily, but I must confess that I found the information at Jolly Farm Online to be much more accessible.  There’s a fabulous in-world store associated with the blog from where I purchased my beautiful hutch for a mere L$100.  The owner, Sookie Slafford, breeds bunnies and has an amazing stock available to buy.  Her breeding cabin is an awesome sight to behold too; she has all her bunnies displayed beautifully and should you decide to purchase from her store all the nests are arranged by breed so you can be certain of getting just the right bunny for you.  Not only that she is amazingly helpful to boot.  It’s so worth visiting even if you aren’t looking to own your own virtual pet because it’s just so elegantly constructed.  You can also purchase some great accessories, such as baskets and backpacks and really gorgeous cushions and chairs, I highly recommend it.
A couple of days in and the bunnies are thriving!  They now have names, Sookie and Dexter ( beloved named them after characters from our fave shows)and I’m totally enthralled by them.  I can see how easy it would be to buy loads and become completely overwhelmed but I’m being sensible and just sticking to these two for now, although I’m sure they’d make wonderful parents..ahem. I’m learning lots (getting my head around the stats isn’t easy for me seeing as I am completely number illiterate but I am persevering) I’m also on the look-out for the perfect bunny accessory, so if you have any suggestions to make please feel free to update the comments section below, and any tips you have are very welcome too.
To sum up then, my bunny loving experience has been an overwhelmingly positive and surprisingly joyous one.  My only criticism? No bunny pooh.  I was expecting little brown pebbles everywhere, and I’m disappointed that hasn’t been the case..perhaps Ozimals are planning that function for a future update? I await with baited-bunneh breath…;P