Baiastice at The Dressing Room Blue


If you had to ask me who my favourite designers were in Second Life it would be difficult but I’m sure I’d manage to come up with a list eventually. It’d probably take me some time; like a couple of weeks, but I’d get there eventually.

However, if you asked me who my favourite haute couture designer is I would have just one answer: Sissy Pessoa. Sissy is the designer behind Baiastice, and she creates catwalk creations worthy of any fashion week in real life, let alone second. She has an amazing creative imagination and her designs range from the sublime to the seriously avant garde, but all have a common thread; they’re totally on-trend.
So I was delighted when I discovered that one of her creations was going to be on sale at ‘The Dressing Room Blue’, the sibling store to the original discount designer emporium that features fresh and funky items from SL’s premier designers at knock-off prices. And at first glance, this is one fancy frock that certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s called ‘The Kristel Dress’ and it’s just L$70. It’s black and white and features an asymmetrical structure, with separate arm cuff and sleeve attachment. It’s a bit of a corker to look at and I would love to say it was a corker to wear, but alas;it features that big-bottomed SL avatar’s worst enemy: the system skirt. Oh system skirt, how I fracking LOATHE you. This dress looks fantastic on my top half, hence the picture, but on my bottom? Let’s just say it made my derrier look like an overweight zebra in distress. Totally, utterly gutting. Isn’t it time we all kicked the frigging system skirt to the kerb?! Seriously, an end to the damned thing is long overdue. Not all avatars are waifs in Second Life; I like my round pixel bum which isn’t excessively large by any leap of the imagination, but put me in a bleeding system skirt and I look like I should be in orbit around a gas giant. It’s so disappointing because this is a GLORIOUSLY funky frock, but because of the system skirt I can’t wear it, unless I shave a ton off my derrier and that’s not really the point is it?
And that’s not the worst bit; around the corner from this dress you’ll find a pair of shoes that match perfectly, the Nardcotix Absinthe B&W heel.  They’re fantastic, featuring a lovely white kinda sparkly-but-not texture on the main body of the shoe and a flat bow style attachment covering the heel. Perfectly posh and also just L$70. Yes I am wearing them in this photo but you’ll just have to take my word on how good they look because I am NOT showing you my bottom in this dress. Yes I am sulking..I’m having a kittyfit. Toys out of the pram and everything…
Anyway; if you do have a bum that’s considerably smaller than mine then you may want to give this beautiful dress a pop, and so you should, but be warned, system skirts can make the skinniest of avatars look like they’ve had a field day in Wilson’s pie shop but at just L$70 it’s worth a gamble.Here’s your taxi to The Dressing Room Blue.
Baiastice; I adore the label, adore the styles but I desperately want a special big-bum division please:)

2 thoughts on “Baiastice at The Dressing Room Blue

  1. Emma Rainier

    As the owner of a biggish pixel bum myself, and a huge fan of Baiastice, I have a second version of my shape just for such an occasion. Slimmed down around the love handles and slightly narrower on the hips (and creatively labelled ‘skirt shape’), it allows me to wear fabulous creations that include system skirts (Artilleri’s pencil skirts being another fave) without looking like I have rather too much junk in the trunk!

    Big up to the big bum! 🙂


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