Advertise on Kittywitchin’ (for not very many pennies at all!)

This blog gives me lots of pleasure, and I know it does to my readers too, with over 100k hits to prove it! ( No I haven’t clicked the website that many times, how very dare you!)

The majority of time I blog about things I like, or dislike, about Second Life  in equal measure. I write about a wide range of metaversal topics; from fashion to furnishings, the latest gossip and breedable banter, even Second Life politics..nothing is off limits as far as the blog goes. If I ever receive a review copy I blog it as fairly as I can.  This means that if something isn’t quite up to scratch then I’ll point it out; being a sycophant is not my style, but honesty certainly is! But I digress; the sole aim of Kittywitchin’ is to share what I get up to in-world with my readers and give them a sense of what it’s like to be an avatar in this mad, bad virtual world that we call home, so that means LOTS OF shopping, going to various events and avoiding anything that resembles a freenis..<shudders>

Kittywitchin’ has a consistent daily readership and I know, from talking to retailers, that when I’ve written a positive review about  one of their products it does indeed make a difference to sales; which is very gratifying to hear! There are some amazing creators and visionaries in world so it’s only right that they get some lurve, but I want some lurve too, and a bit of linden love never hurts now does it?

So with that in mind I’m opening the blog to advertising and I’d be delighted to feature you on my homepage!

If you’re interested please contact me in-world ( you may wanna drop a notecard on me, I get spammed to heck between log-ins) or alternatively e-mail me at All I will require from you is a 200×200 texture, a wee bit of blurb for your ad and an SLURL.  Simple, no?

I may add more ad boxes in future if required, but I hope you see this as a great opportunity to generate more traffic for your in-world business!

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