Kitty ventures into ‘The Sea Hole’

There’s a sale at The Sea Hole, and you can pick up some truly amazing bargains in-store until June 10th. Selected items from each range are reduced to L$50 and there are some stunning dresses, tops and outfits available to pick from. This is truly a sale not to be missed, especially if you’re on a limited Linden budget like myself, because EVERY item in store reeks of quality.

I really adore the attention that’s been paid to the styling of each item by the wonderfully named Drinkinstein Sorbet. Not only are the textures good, but the colours and the patterns that are applied to each item really rank amongst the best I have ever seen in Second Life. The clothes are quirky, stylish and above all VERY original. You can create your entire summer capsule wardrobe here in one fatal swoop should you so wish, safe in the knowledge that you are going to look ruddy wonderful in the months ahead. I must recommend a few pieces to you in particular: The ‘Dita’ and ‘Drink’ jeans, ‘Arrest Me’ top, the ‘Sheer’ tank top and scarf, the ‘Kashmir’blouse, ‘Harem’ Jumpsuit and the ‘Kahala’ maxi-dress are all seriously worth your spends.

There’s load more to pick from too; but these are just really special items that caught my eye. I’m wearing the ‘Matterhorn’ shorts and the ‘Toile’ top (without it’s base) in this shot..absolutely lovely aren’t they? CLICK HERE to visit!

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