Kitty’s In EXILE…

Kitty’s In EXILE…

..and totally loving it. If I’m brutally honest I wasn’t a huge fan of EXILE until only very recently, and now I am making up for lost time with the kind of enthusiasm that I normally only reserve for wine and cupcakes on a Friday night.

In fact, when I first saw this style, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to carry it off on my avatar. But I shouldn’t have worried; this one is rather deceptive because it’s actually rather versatile, and once I’d tried the demo I fell instantly in love. The shortest that I normally go is bob-length, but this style won me over with its choppy texture and length to one side of the face, which beautifully softens the profile.
Despite looking like you’d only be able to wear this with baggies, vest tops and hoodies in a street-setting you can actually dress it up very successfully with a maxi-dress and heels.
For this snap I’m wearing a CURIO skin, as well as eyes by MIASNOW, another brand to which I have recently become a convert. I also sneaked a septum piercing and hoop earrings in for an urban look, with more than a hint of Rihanna..

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