Boys do make passes.. girls who wear glasses!

I’m due an eye-test soon, but I tend to avoid going to the Opticians because I always find the spectacles that I fall in love with are usually exorbitantly expensive, and I balk at the prices!
(I also have a theory that another reason I don’t wear them these days is because back in my long-forgotten school days I was the child who wore pink and blue national health specs and was bullied because of it… I shudder even now at the thought…)
Fortunately, Second Life allows you to try most things without any hassle, and specs aren’t the exception to that rule. In fact there are a multitude of stores that sell beautifully crafted frames. ‘Deco’ springs to mind, and I know languishing in my inventory I have a couple of splendid pairs from ‘Artilleri’ too; but if you’re after some hardcore four-eyed porn then DECEMBER is where it’s at.
In this photograph I’m wearing glasses No.49 in medium, attached to my nose. The frames in-store are all numbered rather than named and you can find pretty much any style your heart desires, from Lolita inspired sunnies to John Lennon specs and steampunk inspired monocles, it’s all there.

But back to this lovely pair of specs that I’m sporting in this shot. Included in my pack were two pairs each of small, medium and large size glasses. The spectacles offer two attachment points to select from (nose and mouth) as well as a fun bonus folded pair to wear in a pocket! They’re beautifully constructed too; finely crafted with a patterned embellishment at each corner of the frame, and if you take a look inside there are even beautifully crafted hinges at each corner! ( I love details like this!)
Best of all are the options: you can select from a number of light or dark lense shades as well as being able to change the colour of the frames with a push of a button. There is also a shine feature that gives your frames a bit of gloss, as well as a bling sequence too, but that’s not really my cup of tea. (Bling is a bit 2007 don’t you think?) These options aren’t just limited to this style either;practically all the demo pairs I tried in-store were resplendent with great features making any of the range of spectacles from December a worthy investment. That’s a good thing too, because at L$300 a pair they aren’t cheap.

But they are total quality, and really do add a wonderful finishing touch to any outfit, as I hope my snap portrays.

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