Stop meshing about!

Stop meshing about!

See what I did there? Read in a ‘Kenneth Williams’ voice:) I know- you missed me!

Well, I’ve been off grid for a wee while and what happens? Linden Lab start doing LOTS of  ‘stuff and things’; like finally introducing MESH to the main grid. A lot of commentators have already, well, commentated on the event, and suffice to say general consensus is that it’s all VERY nice indeed, but we’re a long way off from throwing out our current wardrobes and replacing them with entirely new mesh-based stock. Quite a number of designers are already unleashing mesh-based wares upon the grid, and some of the best are to be found at JANE. Now, I’ve talked about my love for this fashion store before; its propensity towards generosity ( the freebies are quintessentially fabulous) and the way that it doesn’t charge you silly Lindens to look ravishing.

Well, JANE is leading the way with a few mesh based outfits, and I’ve tried the demos and I have to say in big, bold letters…KITTY WANT NOW. Yes, there are problems with mesh (you have to wear an alpha layer, issues with fitting may mean there’s potential towards slender avatars) but I hope theyget these sorted out because when I tried these frocks on and walked in them I could have wept tears of virtual joy and happy the like has not been seen this side of Skegness. ( Don’t ask- random)

First up, look at this tank style dress. ( Ignore the demo banner-‘fraid it’s going to bother the pictures a tad but the imaginative amongst you can see through it I’m sure:) 

See the hem? When you walk in this thing it practically dances. It drapes on my (substantial) hips, and not a system skirt or spit seam from 2006 in sight. It is a thing of joy and wonder to behold.

And then there’s this..and I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE NOW (both real and virtual, although alas in real life wearing horizontal stripery of this magnitude will, I’m afraid, make me look very well-fed indeed, if you get my drift:)

This is the most realistic looking jersey dress I’ve ever seen on the grid to date, the texture and the draping that the mesh enables means it looks super stretchy and bloody glorious to be perfectly honest.

I know people are having issues with the official 3.0 viewer, but I have found Kirsten’s viewer to be especially wonderful (as per bloody usual to be honest) and I’m having lots of fun trying on the Mesh booty recommended by the Goddess of blogs, Strawberry Singh. If you need to know more, and by gum you must, then follow the links to all of Berry’s Mesh goodies (She also recommends some fab blog-posts about Mesh that discuss both the potential and limitations of this amazing addition to the grid…)

If you’ve found some amazing meshness out there, please feel free to let us know via the comments below, or poke me in-world. But not with that, I’ve only just recovered from last time; why do you think I’ve been away for so long, hmm?

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