Shopping With Kitty: Jane

I’m trying to avoid feeding my Janie Marlowe addiction at all costs, but of course I had to pop in and take a peek while I was nearby. Big mistake. I immediately fell in love with these beguiling ‘Happy Bows’ mesh tops, a real steal at L$175 each and so totally pretty. And now I’m leaving VERY quickly before I spot anything else!
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Thinking outside the box…

..sometimes you just have to try something different. (Insert your own smutty joke here.)

I’m a bob kinda gal, as most of you are aware. I like my hair long on occasion, and short very infrequently..BUT most of the time I love my bobs ( Do not even get me started on the perfect bob that Truth put out and I managed to miss in October (It was called ‘Hadley’, if you got it you’re a git. Yes, I’m still hurting about missing that one!) However, when I saw ‘Lori’ there was something about the style that meant I had to try it.


And I’m super pleased with the result.  It lends itself really well to the boho vibe, yet if you were to purchase it in black would be without a doubt the most uber Goth-style on the grid at the moment. (There’s a hit of Madonna in her ‘Frozen’ guise about it..) It’s very much statement hair, and you can dress up/down as you like, but I suggest delicate prints or gently textured plain to go with this, rather than detract from the total awesome of the hair.


I’ve teamed it with an oversized tee from JANE (yes, Jane again…I know, but it fits so well and the ribbing effect is awesome) as well as some stockings that were a gift from the MIEL group aeons ago, and some boots (also from Miel) that weren’t. Last but not least throw in a CURIO skin ( From the ‘Pout’ collection; one of a number of skin collections that are reduced to L$1500 at ‘Truth’ district) and a couple of great poses from GAZE and you’re done. Awesomely simple:)

Freebie Mesh Goodness from Jane and Cold Logic

So, any luck getting into March Mesh Madness 2012?  Nah, me neither..which is doing my ‘ead in a wee bit because it features twenty, yes, TWENTY (drool!) of the finest mesh magic-makers on the grid today and promises to be an absolute joy to behold. If I could only blinking well get in. Each time I try the region is full, and I fear it’s going to remain that way all weekend.  It won’t help you in your suffering if I tell you that there promises to be a vast array of mesh only hair, shoes, accessories, clothing, and home furnishings on sale; but I can offer you a wee smidgen of comfort in some fine freebies that are currently doing the rounds.

First up, Jane has sent out this glorious frock to her subscribo group members. It’s called ‘Grace’ and is a beautifully simple frock that you can accessorise into splendidity! ( I think I just made a word up there; go me!). Think scarves, jackets, leggings; the possibilities for dressing up this baby are endless, and Janie Marlowe has been even more generous by sending three colours of the gift to members; Apricot, Khaki and Navy, so there’s a colour scheme to fit every occasion.  I chose navy to illustrate how fab this gift is:

Lush isn’t it? And as if that isn’t enough to moisten yourself over, well you remember the freebie I mentioned was available at Cold Logic? It’s a winter dress, and it’s rather glorious as you can see below:

Again, you get three colours in your gift; Stone, Ruby and Clay. I’m feeling a tad fiery so I just went for the Ruby shade, and it’s lovely isn’t it?

Last up, I also mentioned earlier that there’s a hunt taking place in the Cold Logic store, and the gift is easy to find and well worth your time too.  It’s a spiffing top with fabulous shaping to the neckline, waist and cuffs.

I love how the creasing gives it a real authentic flair..great isn’t it? And again, you get three shades in your gift; black, red and navy. So, there you have it, more than enough treasures to keep you going until you can get into March Mesh Madness! (I wouldn’t bother at the moment though, I’ve just checked the map dot city.  BAH HUMBUG!)


Note: I’m going to try and NOT blog Jane and Cold Logic for at least a few days now..I seem to have become a tad obsessed! 



The spiffing ‘Emily’ dress @ Jane

I love Jane; I won’t deny it. No point, I bloody love the designs, they’re so wearable and just the right price. I love the way that this store has used mesh to create great, wearable fashion and I do consider it to be one of the front-runners in this still somewhat bemusing area. (I don’t ‘get’ mesh, my head just can’t fathom it out!)

I’ve just dropped by for a bijou nosette and discovered ‘Emily’. I often pop by, but haven’t lingered in a while, and this is a very pleasant surprise.

At first I thought ‘Emily’ was a mesh trouser suit, but it’s actually a mesh frock, and it’s frocking marvellous, with LOTS of possibilities for dress up/down happy!

It’s just L$250 per frock in prints or plain (greedy packs are available featuring three print of plain at a great price, L$495) but because it’s mesh make sure you try a demo!  (It’s a bugger if it doesn’t fit!)

Here’s a thought- if you’re getting wed in world howzabout investing in these as bridesmaids dresses?  The mahogany shade (far left-looks more of a blush to my old eyes) would work VERY well if you ask me…
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