The spiffing ‘Emily’ dress @ Jane

I love Jane; I won’t deny it. No point, I bloody love the designs, they’re so wearable and just the right price. I love the way that this store has used mesh to create great, wearable fashion and I do consider it to be one of the front-runners in this still somewhat bemusing area. (I don’t ‘get’ mesh, my head just can’t fathom it out!)

I’ve just dropped by for a bijou nosette and discovered ‘Emily’. I often pop by, but haven’t lingered in a while, and this is a very pleasant surprise.

At first I thought ‘Emily’ was a mesh trouser suit, but it’s actually a mesh frock, and it’s frocking marvellous, with LOTS of possibilities for dress up/down happy!

It’s just L$250 per frock in prints or plain (greedy packs are available featuring three print of plain at a great price, L$495) but because it’s mesh make sure you try a demo!  (It’s a bugger if it doesn’t fit!)

Here’s a thought- if you’re getting wed in world howzabout investing in these as bridesmaids dresses?  The mahogany shade (far left-looks more of a blush to my old eyes) would work VERY well if you ask me…
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