Thinking outside the box…

Thinking outside the box…

..sometimes you just have to try something different. (Insert your own smutty joke here.)

I’m a bob kinda gal, as most of you are aware. I like my hair long on occasion, and short very infrequently..BUT most of the time I love my bobs ( Do not even get me started on the perfect bob that Truth put out and I managed to miss in October (It was called ‘Hadley’, if you got it you’re a git. Yes, I’m still hurting about missing that one!) However, when I saw ‘Lori’ there was something about the style that meant I had to try it.


And I’m super pleased with the result.  It lends itself really well to the boho vibe, yet if you were to purchase it in black would be without a doubt the most uber Goth-style on the grid at the moment. (There’s a hit of Madonna in her ‘Frozen’ guise about it..) It’s very much statement hair, and you can dress up/down as you like, but I suggest delicate prints or gently textured plain to go with this, rather than detract from the total awesome of the hair.


I’ve teamed it with an oversized tee from JANE (yes, Jane again…I know, but it fits so well and the ribbing effect is awesome) as well as some stockings that were a gift from the MIEL group aeons ago, and some boots (also from Miel) that weren’t. Last but not least throw in a CURIO skin ( From the ‘Pout’ collection; one of a number of skin collections that are reduced to L$1500 at ‘Truth’ district) and a couple of great poses from GAZE and you’re done. Awesomely simple:)

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