Philly’s Bar GRAND OPENING on Saturday 3rd March!!

Philly’s Bar GRAND OPENING on Saturday 3rd March!!


I miss the Three Lions; the first pub I ever visited in Second Life.  I’ve talked about 3L many, many times on these pages, but it was home to some amazing people that I have become lucky enough to call friends. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently; wondering if the reason I haven’t been frequenting SL so much these days is because Three Lions, and subsequently The Crown and Pearl, aren’t around anymore, and then I discovered Phil Plasma is opening a bar again and I could have jumped for virtual joy!  If that’s not fate then I don’t know what is!

That’s right, the original team behind the Three Lions is back, and the opening party is this Saturday. The best bit is that it’s going to feature some of the original DJ line-up, as well as live acts and this weekend promises to be a corker. Thumper Boucher, who I always threw my panties at back in the day is the first live guest and he is awesome.  He’s one of the most accomplished musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing in-world and his gigs are nothing short of splendid, so if you’re free on Saturday YOU MUST come to the grand opening night at Philly’s Bar in Knightsbridge.

It promises to be a packed evening as well: The fun begins at 3am with Mia Deluca, followed by Arti Yamabushi. Following Arti is the original 3L barmaid and the first Neko I ever saw in Second Life, the yummy Kendra Fallon. At 1pm Thumper ( and my underwear) hits the stage, and the evening is brought to a close (probably a riotous one as well) by the infamous Mike Mission. Will he pass out drunk at the decks? I ruddy well hope so:))

I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am about the opening of this bar and so look forward to spending some time with old friends, and new. Come along and join the fun, it promises to be amazeballs!

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