Loving the ‘Cohen’ Jumpsuit from Cold Logic…

Loving the ‘Cohen’ Jumpsuit from Cold Logic…

…fits like a *dream*.  One of the problems with Mesh, as I’m sure readers are aware, is the faff of fitting.  All this rigged and unrigged nonsense and wearing alpha layers; does my nut in. But when results are *this* good it is so, so worth it. In fact I just slipped the medium size on and it fitted me perfectly, and I am in no way a skinny av! Doesn’t it look bloody fantastic? I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Cold Logic, in fact it’s going to become a favourite store of mine, I can just tell.  Prices are on the high side though, BUT I think with Mesh being relatively new still we’re bound to see that.  This jumpsuit is L$425. It comes with two belt colours (I’ve gone for the platinum styling here) and of course there’s a range of fits in the box. As always, DEMO DEMO DEMO. You have *no* excuse not to, and besides, it’s part of the fun:) I’ve teamed the jumpsuit with a Miel necklace I found during a rummage session, and some funky hair from Dura. I love this jumpsuit; I love everything about this store and it practically makes me damp with excitement (Too much info? I care not a jot!)

Note there’s a hunt in store at the moment ( in fact you can almost see the hunt item’s whereabouts in this picture; no it’s not on the board that’s too obvious..durrr) It’s also very busy..but that’s possibly because people can’t get into the Mesh expo that’s going on at the moment…oh yes, MOAR MESH!!!  Anyway, here’s your Taxi to Cold Logic, enjoy the ride!

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