Beautiful Bilo @ The Dressing Room Blue

Beautiful Bilo @ The Dressing Room Blue

Because, as per usual, there’s a fabulous array of nice wares available for you to snaffle up, including this dress for only L$60.  It’s by BILO, a brand I wasn’t familiar with but I will check out now. Of course this is a mesh frock, which tends to be my clothing option of choice these days so it fits in a rather smashing way.

One thing I love about Second Life is I can wear stuff in-world I never could in real life. For example, in reality if I wore dress I’m ashamed to say the horizontal stripes would do nothing for me (making me look like a hippo in distress) But in a virtual world you can try anything once, and come back for seconds…and thirds..and I might just do that with Bilo.

Click HERE to visit Bilo on the marketplace, HERE to check out the blog  and HERE for The Dressing Room Blue..

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