Freebie Alert! Soha Skin at Inaya


Ripe for the taking is a freebie at Inaya, a set of ‘Soha’ skins in three tints and all you have to do is join the group to be able to get your mitts on them! This is a really gorgeous, dark skin with beautiful lip detail and a real boon to add to your collection. Of course, when you visit be sure to take a look around, there are some really lovely skins in some amazing tones that some manufacturers tend to overlook. I was especially taken with ‘Raakhee’, ‘Nanthwan’ and ‘Avnah’ while I was there, although to be honest you may as well make yourself a brew and park your bum there for a few hours while you try skins on..they’re sublime. I would have stayed longer but I’ve been blogging/taking photos all day and my bum was sore, I kid you not! Mind you, any excuse for a repeat visit!)

Click HERE for a direct TP to the freebies and group joiner, but be sure to stay a while, OK? 

(PS  Kitty looks a bit Naomi Campbell in this shot..dont’cha think?)

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