Tuesday blog happy with VMC, Acide! and Tameless

Tuesday blog happy with VMC, Acide! and Tameless

So, back to blogging. After a sound verbal thrashing was delivered to the virtual cosmic demi-gods via the power of my monitor, Second Life let me back in to share some happy with you.

First up, we have some hair from a brand that’s totally new to me, called  ‘Tameless’. This is the ‘Elizabeth’ hair style which is a sort of short, messy bob held up on one side with a hair grip. The grip is colour change, and I like this style very much. I particularly relish the way that there are a few tendrils of hair framing the face and some limited movement when you walk. It’s a great, casual style and if you’re a fan of the bob, which I am, this is a must-have for your collection.  I took a flight to the store and had a wander round off the back of this style, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I spotted some really nice styles (including a new one called ‘Bonnie’, a bob, natch:) that are well worth a looksy. Go see:)


I’ve teamed the hair in a couple of shades with a few outfits from a brand that I’d never heard of until today; ‘VMC‘. The blogger package warranted a trip to the store, and I was astonished by the size of the place. Not only that, but there are tons of outfits to choose from.I have to say I was impressed by the mesh tops and frocks that I’m wearing in this post, I particularly like the patterns and designs that are available in store too. I recommend you check this place out,some designs are perhaps a little dated by current SL fashion standards  but the majority are more than acceptable. Also, most outfits in store are a mere L$10 each. TEN LINDENS!! Mesh outfits are a tad more expensive at L$25 (!) but that’s a steal isn’t it? There’s a vast range of clubwear, trousers, fitted frocks as well as shoes, shapes and even eyes in store too, so if you have a friend who has just joined Second Life and you’re feeling generous you could do them a favour and donate them a couple of hundred linden and kit them out just by visiting this one store!


Finally, the skin I’m wearing is by [Acide!]  Acide Innovia is a new skin maker to me but someone that I will surely keep an eye on in future because I love these skins that she has placed on sale at the ‘Culture Shock‘ event. In both these shots I’m wearing ‘Muriel’, and the body shading on both the pale and tan variants is excellent. I really love the eyebrow illustration and the colours that have been selected for eyeshadow. The skin has a delicate feel to it, and I really rate it. You can also find the ‘Ashley-Bleu’ skin there too; this is the skin I’m wearing on the headshot down the page. I wouldn’t normally wear a skin with bright blue lips but it actually works beautifully, and I think it would lend itself really well to certain urban or even fantasy looks, should you be so inclined:)(Incidentally, should you be so inclined there’s a special edition of ‘Muriel’ available at Culture shock in  Violet with 50% of proceeds going to ‘Medecins sans Frontieres’, a worthy cause if ever there was one)

A final note: the VMC outfits include jeans as worn in the snaps, which is pretty bodacious innit? The skull and crossbones necklace is available from the [Acide!] store at culture shock.

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