I’m Your Aphrodite…

I’m Your Aphrodite…

Lelutka has released three Goddess themed hairstyles today for summer, and they’re all rather special, which they should be if you’re going to name hairstyles after Goddesses. But don’t worry; I don’t think they’ll be angry and rain down fire and brimstone upon us, for Aphrodite, Athena and Demeter are beautiful styles evoking classical grace and splendour thus befitting their namesakes perfectly.

For this post I wanted to focus on the flowing locks of Aphrodite. This is a rigged mesh style that will move with your body, therefore it’s not resizable, but boy is it lovely. The hair tumbles in graceful waves down the back and is caught up at the sides, leaving more tousled locks to fall free over the shoulders. It perfectly evokes classical Grecian imagery and it would work not just as a high fashion style, which is obviously the market that it’s aimed at, but also for the role-play community too.

I’ve teamed it with one of the most glorious skins that I saw at the Skin Addiction showcase that’s in world at the moment. It’s a must attend event, courtesy of the Skin Addiction blog, featuring lots of delicious skins  to feast your eyes upon  and lots of names that I wasn’t familiar with, so I got TONS of demos to play with as well as some freebies too! (Join the Skin Addiction group to benefit) Incidentally, the layout of this event is fantastic. It’s not cluttered or fussy and the landscaping is absolutely amazing in the forest areas, I wanted to stay there all day exploring! (Dizzy Sparrow I salute you for your epic landscaping abilities, if I ever get my own land again in SL (something I dream about often) expect a call from me asking you to landscape it for me!))

But back to the skin. It’s a beauty! She’s called ‘Keiko’ and she’s from the ’Rosy Mood’ label, one I’d never heard of before but will be seriously checking out now! (See? Events like this do work!) Keiko features a choice of light or dark skin tone, as well as five make-ups too. There’s also teeth and cleavage options and they work perfectly; I’m totally delighted with it. And I think it works beautifully with this hair too to produce a combination fit for Mount Olympus itself.

To buy Lelutka hair you can visit the Marketplace or In-world store.

Rosy Mood has a blog, a mainstore and here’s the link to the Skin Showcase too!

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