My name is Kitty O’Toole, and I am proud to wear CURIO skins.

And that’s why any spare Lindens I have in my possession will be spent at the ‘Gala For Gala’ aka the ‘One Voice’  fundraiser, which begins in just over 12 hours at Midnight SLT.

The list of contributors is just mind-boggling (visit the blog to see the official listing, you will wet your pants!) and includes some of the finest names in hair, skin, clothing, accessories and furnishings that you can find in Second Life.

This is an amazing event, and the participants should be proud of their efforts to support such an esteemed fellow content-creator.  

I don’t know Gala personally, but I’m sure she’s blown away by the support she is receiving. 

Let’s hope the fundraiser works ( I have no doubt that it will!) and she comes back to the grid where she so rightfully belongs bigger and better and stronger than ever. 

We ❤ You Gala!

One thought on “A GALA FOR GALA

  1. Dagger Faulkwing

    What a shame that the first thing a lot of av’s are greeted with when they arrive at the One Voice sim is a security orb (Weapon) that immediately tp’s them home if they’re over a script limit. A lot of av’s are repeatedly trying to get back in, clearly not understanding what is happening. This happened to my partner, it actually caused her to double-tp and crash so losing any information about why she was crashed.


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