Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Zaara is one of those shops that I really should frequent more. It’s always a starter for ten when the sim a store is set upon is ravishing, and this one certainly is. It’s simple yet colourful, with beautiful architecture that perfectly evokes the ethnicity behind the label. Walk around and you’ll discover painted Asian elephants, sacred cows and a fabulous temple in honour of Ganesh.

The clothing available for purchase here is just above and beyond. It’s fabulous. For example, you can buy the the best (imho) scarves in Second Life here, featuring the most beautiful prints, as well as some absolutely stunning jewellery and accessories to complement. If like most avvies you have a ballet flat fixation, then check out the ‘Ilaida Modri’ flats in store here. They’re ravishing; an Asian twist on your typical plain flat shoe and they’re available in a jewel-like array of colours making them perfect for summer sunshine.

And seeing as we aren’t having a Summer in the UK, it’s a darn-good thing that I can enjoy one in Second Life, especially when I’m wearing one of the newly released ‘Ashima’ mesh blouses from Zaara. Deceptively simple in their styling, low cut and loose, with a cinched waist meaning that you can wear these babies with anything. Shorts, skirts, jeans…perfect. This particular style that I’m wearing is called ‘Acid’ and I must confess, the tie-dye appeals to the hippie in me:) Isn’t it just sublime? I love the colours and textures selected for all of these blouses, and you can choose from a fantastic selection of print or plain. The shape is cut brilliantly too, and all sizes included with your purchase cater to the standard sizing brigade. Mesh perfection really. Plain colours are L$225, patterns just L$250 a pop; fatpacks are available.

To further enhance my look I’m wearing a fabulous freebie necklace and earrings from Earthstones, which is still available in store free to Earthstones VIP group members. Now, if you aren’t a VIP group member then you’re a buffoon, because there’s a vast array of quality freebie jewellery that can be yours for a group fee of L$250. Membership also gets you into the exclusive members area; a plush skybox perfect for Second Life quiet time. (Not only that, you can buy previous VIP exclusives at a knock-down price should you wish to from this location)

On my noggin I’m wearing ‘Ashlee’, the latest release by the ‘God Of Hair’ aka Mr Truth Hawks. Now as all readers of Kittywitchin should know I’m a bob-fiend, and I still haven’t gotten over missing out on the freebie bob that Truth gave out last year (November I think it was. I’ve seen pictures, it’s a perfect bob. Don’t get me started…) Ahem. Anyway, anything that Mr Hawks releases that’s roughly bob-shaped gets me all in a tizzy, and that’s precisely what ‘Ashlee’ has done to me. This is a glorious, shaggy style. OK, it’s not quite a bob, more like one that’s being grown out actually, but it is perfectly styled with delicate movement and flexibility. I love the way that the strands of hair have been built around the crown into a gentle-side parting, and obviously you can’t see the back of this style on my picture but trust me, it’s shaped beautifully. Truth Hawks doesn’t do crap hair, it’s as simple as that. Not only that, but you get a bounty of hair in each pack. Purchase price is L$250 per pack which (usually) features five shades, but each pack also includes ‘root’ and ‘streaked’ versions of each colour, meaning you get shed-loads of incredibly versatile hair for your Linden.

Last but not least I’m wearing a skin by Gala phoenix’s ‘Curio’ label. This one is from her ‘Beach’ range and I think I purchased it last year. It’s typical Gala; in other words, skin perfection,but it’s a shame she’s having to pay such a heavy price for her artistic brilliance at the moment.

I really want to write a blog-post about the whole fiasco, but in all honesty I’m sure whatever I write won’t add anything new to a situation that’s already been covered countless times on better blogs than this one.

What I can say from the bottom of my heart is that I’ve never for a moment doubted Gala. I’ve always been a fervent supporter of her work, and it’s long been my considered opinion that she creates the best skins in Second Life. It’s painful to think that such a talented individual is suffering due to the actions of a ‘competitor’.

I always try to stay on the fence where Second Life dramas are concerned (purely because they are so frequent) as regular readers know, but on this issue I just can’t, because it’s so divisive and just didn’t need to happen. It’s plain wrong.

Anyway, I’m not going to elaborate further, merely point you in the way of some blogs (Salome’s posting is awesome hence my linking it here) and the SLUniverse forum (all 56 pages of it up to now) where you can read up on the whole story.

And once you’ve read about it, get your Lindens ready for a rather special fundraiser starting next week..I’ll write more about it nearer the time:)


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