KITTY QUICKY: Even MORE ‘Follow Us’ Fabness!

KITTY QUICKY: Even MORE ‘Follow Us’ Fabness!


This is rather smashing, don’t ya think? Even more fabness is on the way from the ‘Follow us!’ stable that I mentioned in my previous post.  I’m loving this couch. Trust me, it’s extremely cosy, even though it’s constructed from pallets, hence the name, ‘Couch Pallet’.

This is a perfect snuggle spot for you and your beloved, especially with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, and will fill that empty corner in your home a treat.  It would even look funky outside, and it’s brought bang up to date with the pile of books, a fan and the ipad at the foot of the couch, so when you’re not smooching you have other stuff and things to do.  Well done to the creator, Laurent83 Waco!

I think what I like most about this is that the couch is quite simple really in presentation, but that’s probably why it works so well. I’d even dare suggest that this isn’t just shabby chic, but will appeal to the grunge and even Neko aficionados. There’s just something about it that means it will appeal to most genres and styles of home. What are even better are the poses. There are five singles poses and ten, yes TEN couples poses to be enjoyed, simply by clicking the cushion.  (Note I’m demonstrating the singles poses..forever alone Kitty)

The ‘Couch Pallet’ is really neat and well worth the bargain price of L$99 which it will be set to for a week. (That said, when it goes back up to full price it will still be under L$200, so it’s hardly a mahossive bank buster)

Oh, and can you see the frames and coat rack, with brolly and coat and a camera in the background? (look really closely and you can see the love hearts and twine décor on the middle frame: )

Because these items are soon-to-be-released you had really better keep a close and on ‘Follow Us’ on the Marketplace hadn’t you?

In fact, you’d better follow them! (Oh dear, I’ll get me coat!)

(And yes I know I still have my glass in my hand from earlier, what can I say except I’m a total lush..<hic!>)

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