Gatito Zinnias AMA! (Kitty LOVES Zinnias!)

Gatito Zinnias AMA! (Kitty LOVES Zinnias!)


I really don’t blog Zinnias enough and I really should. I have blogged it a few times before, but it concerns me to think that people are missing out on the awesome that is this store. Reader it’s wonderful. It evokes all things Mexicana, with mouth-watering textures, bold, tasty colours and cracking build quality and design. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and it pleases me no end that it’s still going strong and that Zinnia Karu is still churning out exceptional home ware in her inimitable style.

As I commented before, I LOVE MY HOUSE. But one of my only (very minor) quibbles was that the neutral tones needed spicing up with colour a tad. But of course, a blank canvas allows you to decorate it in any way you please, and but adding just the right amount of accessories you can brighten up any abode.  And that’s precisely what I’ve done; raiding my inventory for bright, bold pieces that reflect not only my personality but perfectly encapsulate my style. Zinnia’s is essential in that mix.

As you can see, I’m in the kitchen (stop laughing at the back!) preparing a Valentine’s feast for Jez.  (You know, my partner Jez, in RL and SL, the one you never see. Yes, he exists. Honest.) But I’m not the focus in this picture; what I’ve done is illuminate and enhance the environment with a few choice Zinnias Pieces.

First of all is the utterly gorgeous ‘Mexican Nicho’. That’s the wooden framed box you can see behind the chair. It features an iconic image of the Virgin Mary, and a wee candle glows in the corner. Now, I’m not Catholic, but I do love me some Catholic imagery, plus this is a lovely piece that really fills a corner. It’s also a talking point. Not only that, it’s L$75. This is a brilliant price if you ask me.

You can also see one of a pair of ‘Acapulco Retro Glam Velvet Drapes’. You don’t have to use curtains to hide windows; they hide corners (and junk) beautifully and soften entrance ways. This is a cracking set and fortunately it’s modify, so if you want to make them bigger/smaller/wider then of course you can.  You can also remove the shadow too; lessens the prim count and shading’s not always necessary.  Utterly kitsch gorgeousness and at L$75 a pair you’d be completely insane if you didn’t invest.

The ‘Papal Picado’ pennant hanging over the kitchen blind is also from Zinnias.  I have to be honest and say I don’t know if these are available to buy in store or not; I could see them but I couldn’t see a price. Either way, again they have the effect of softening a space and really jazzing it up.   Perfect for parties no?

The final item from Zinnias in the picture is her latest release; ‘Woodland Flowers Mirror’. This is so pretty, it’s beautifully textured featuring rustic twigs and adorned with fresh oriental lilies and delicate baby’s breath. What I really like about it though is the texture on the glass, you see a reflection of woodland (naturally) and it just looks super-pretty.  It’s L$145 and worth every penny.

There are also a couple of outstanding hunt prizes to find in store. There’s the ‘Cold Winter’s Nights’ Hunt prize still available for L$10, and guys it’s a crystal sodding cave that has to be seen to be believed.

There’s also the FTLO..Hunt (For the love of apparently) and this week you’ll find a rather whimsical Cat & Bird Coat Tree.  I’m a bit out of touch with hunts so didn’t know this was running.  You can pick up last week’s item for L$10 outside the store and it’s well worth buying; it’s a Cozy Couples Hammock Seat.


It comes equipped with poses for both singles (that’ll be me most of the smegging time then) and couples, as well as props. Cuddle perfection and ideal for Valentine’s Day. Oh, and speaking of Valentine’s Day, make sure you check out the beautiful ‘Boho Baby Valentine’s Daybed’ which I’m demonstrating in the picture below. It’s really pretty and mixes up Mexican and Bohemian styling to a ‘T’. Of course there are solo and couple poses in it, and it’s a tempting purchase at L$199.


Last but not least, make sure you check out the amazing freebies to be found in store as well as the fabulous offer on the ‘Le Gatineu’ bedroom pieces.  I own this set and it is truly outstanding, and I highly recommend it!

The bed is usually  L$250L but this weekend it’s only L$99L. The washstand and bedside table are similarly reduced to L$75 each. Not to be missed.

I really enjoyed my return visit to Zinnias, and must visit more often. I implore you to join the Mexican wave (hahahaha, shit puns ahoy!) and go and visit the store.  I Kitty promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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