Zoom Over To Zinnias!

While you’re banging your head in frustration because you can’t get into THE ARCADE, don’t fear, there’s plenty of wonderful stuff in-world to coo over, and throw your Lindens at! 

Here’s an example; how stunning is this? This is the latest Zinnia’s release, ‘La Chinesca’.  It’s a red round table and chair set featuring Mexican lacquer-ware that really evokes Chinese furniture design. It’s a beautiful piece, and  I thought it looked utterly stunning in this corner of my home.  It’s just $200L this weekend only. (Normally it’s $325L, so don’t miss out!)  


Oh, and while we’re talking about Zinnia’s, be sure to stop by The Cookie Jar Home & Garden 10L Sales Garden! It’s open for a month and features a vast array of items from some of your favourite designers for a mere 10L each.  Not only that but if you wear your group gift tag there are a TON of freebies for you to grab as well.  

Of course, Zinnia is participating, and here is what you’ll find at her table: 


 Here’s your TP to The Cookie Jar Sales Garden; Zinnia’s store is just behind it. Have fun treating yourself to all these lovely things!

(Oh and check this page out too, there’s a hunt starting there tomorrow as well!) 

KITTY LOVES: Zinnia’s Gacha Gifting Bags


I just HAVE to tell you about these amazing Gifting Bags from Zinnia Karu.

Zinnias is a fantastic store and a firm favourite of mine.  The owner, Zinnia Karu,   designs beautiful furniture and homewares with a South Western/Mexican theme and the colours that she uses in her work are always zesty and eye-popping. It’s impossible to gaze upon her creations without a smile upon your chops.  Well, her latest release is perfect for popping under your Christmas tree and will look sensational too. (There, I said it. Christmas has been mentioned on the blog.)

These ‘Gacha Gifting Bags’ are the perfect solution to the age-old question of what to do with your Gacha doubles.  Deleting them is a waste, so why not pop them into one of these transferable bags and gift them to a friend?

The bags are actually Gacha prizes themselves; for L$25 you can play to win one of six beautifully decorated bags. There are two extra special rares as well, which are a little more fancy than the others with some extra decorations added to the ribbons on the bag.  Don’t they look sweet? I really like them; such a simple item but one that really does look rather special indeed.

What will you gift in these bags? Pop over to Zinnias at The Cookie Jar  to get yours! 

Kitty FINALLY Blogs..THE HOME SHOW 2013!!

So, The Home Show.  OK, I’m late to the blogging party for this one, profuse apologies galore, BUT better late than never!

You have until the end of the month to enjoy this event, eleven days to be precise, and enjoy it you will. Take ample Lindens, because as you stroll around the beautiful Culprit designed sim-build you are sure to find many items to tempt you to part with your lovely virtual cash.

By now there are plenty of posts listing the wares from each vendor, so I won’t do a rundown in that sense.  What I will do is share my favourites with you, why I like them, and why I think you’ll like them too.


First up, ORGANICA.  I’ve long thought that I didn’t have enough hanging plants in my virtual home, BUT they can be a bit primmy and some of the more ‘old-skool’ designs that are to be found for sale on the grid can look pretty naff. Organica provides however, with a rather wonderful array of hanging and potted plants especially created for the Home Show.   I especially liked the ‘Hanging Ivy Planters’ and the ‘Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter’.Snapshot_013

The Bamboo Herb Planter has found a place in my home in front of my writing desk,as you can see above,  and it looks great against the window.  It also offers up a little privacy against the neighbourhood too. Incidentally, the plants that it features are rosemary and sage and it has just 1 LI, which is very tidy indeed.  (I imagine in real life it would smell amazing too!)Zinnias_001

ZINNIAS is always a huge favourite of mine, purely because of the zinging colours and patterns that Zinnia Karu deploys so effortlessly into her designs. Her work mixes  Mexican  and South American styling with modern shapes and patterns to great effect. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, check out the Quetzalcoatl wall shelf, which will really brighten up a dingy corner , it features a pot-plant and maracas, everything perfect in detail and aspect.  I am totally love with the chilli pepper tree so much that yes, it’s in my virtual home.   The fabulous ‘Sol’ Patio Sofa looks just as good indoors as it does out, and check out the Neo-Urban fire bowl. I’m also using this at home to brighten up some decking and chairs and it makes for a beautiful evening outdoor ambiance.Zinnias_006

The ‘Sydney’ sofa at MUDHONEY  is beautifully constructed and textured and is exactly the kind of sofa I would love to sink into in real life. It just looks so bloody comfy, and is textured beautifully. The animations are excellent as always too, and there are singles and couples poses to enjoy.   The Addison Chandelier complements it perfectly and is a brilliant modern take on the traditional Chandelier shape.  I loved it so much I found a home for it in my kitchen (trust me, it really works!)Zinnias_007

MICHIGAN’S SHACK has every gamer’s fantasy catered to with a fabulous retro gaming sofa, arcade cab, table and wall art.  (This is the kind of furniture I’m sure my beloved would love in real life.  In fact, he has 24 arcade machines already so I sort of wish he had those in Second Life and this furniture in his real one instead!)

My winner though has to be BAZAR. Yes, I know it seems like this blog has become the unofficial Bazar fan-club, but in all seriousness the work created by Ria Bazar Mavendorf is just astounding to me,  and that is why I keep featuring it. That’s all there is to it, I’m a fan and her work really excites me.  Ria has some new releases to be found at the home show which really are astonishing, I couldn’t love them more if I tried!

The ‘Toronto’ sets  feature natural wooden furniture coupled with modern prints and accessories to create a contemporary look for the home. Each piece is lovingly crafted and menus for texture change options (light, dark or natural wooden finishes) and animations are utilised to the full.Zinnias_002At the Home Show 2013 you’ll see the Toronto bedroom, Study and Arts and Crafts room displays are waiting for you to wander around and experience them to the full. All of the items are beautifully presented, and on the walls you’ll see a listing of the land impact for each item.  Rest assured that every single piece is bloody wonderful and unique in its own way. For example, the Arts and Crafts room features a drawing table, pots of paint, a designer’s mannequin and canvases primed and  ready for you to create upon.  If you need some ideas you’ll find prints from Leonardo Da Vinci and other resource materials on the shelving unit ready to inspire you.


When you’ve finished your crafting for the day it’s time to retire to your  Toronto bedroom.  This is stylish and functional with  quirky elements like the bedside cabinet which features suitcases incorporated into the design, so clever and really effective!  The bed features a four poster frame and a colourful choice of bedding options.  There’s a clothing rail and vanity table to complete, with decorative pieces like artworks, vases and a stylish mirror.


If you can’t sleep then time to hop off to the study for some late-night blogging. The Toronto Study features all the essential elements that you need, and more besides.  Desk, shelving and seating all tied in with the Toronto theme and embellished with great extras such as a working clock, plants, cabinets and PC.  All of these gorgeous sets work beautifully together of course, because they all adhere to the same theme, but elements of each one can be used anywhere in your home to great success.

It’s at this point in the proceedings that I’d like to point you in the direction of my FLICKR account, where I have a set featuring some of the home show items that I’ve mentioned, and more besides. You’ll see work from Bazar, Mudhoney, Trompe L’oil, Zinnias and more besides, and I hope you enjoy taking a look at my virtual abode. I love it, it makes me really happy I must say!

Finally, I’ve said many, many times before on these pages what really gives your virtual home that realistic touch are the knick-knacks, so keep your eyes peeled because you’ll find an epic selection dotted around The Home Show.  I really adore the DIGS ‘Ferryside Driftwood Décor ‘wall hanging and the matching tray décor too.  There are some fab gacha prizes to be won at NOBLE, and look out for the seashell bottles, lamps and other assorted oceanic goodies which are ideal for jazzing up the bathroom at home.  CULPRIT screams colour, and has some dazzling drawer units, shelves and photo frames that would be suited to a colourful, kawaii style home, or even a virtual toddler’s playroom.

There is a lot to see and enjoy at the event and it’s not too busy now because of some other events that you may have heard of are currently attracting a lot of attention in-world. (Like Food Fair for example, that’s another Culprit build too.  Oh, and let’s not forget Hair Fair and Shoe fair and ALL THE F*CKING FAIRS!! Ahem!)

If you’d like to know more, take a gander at the official blog which features lots of information about the event, including maps.  I’ll see you there, I’ll probably be asleep on the Mudhoney sofa again..hmm, so comfy! 

Gatito Zinnias AMA! (Kitty LOVES Zinnias!)


I really don’t blog Zinnias enough and I really should. I have blogged it a few times before, but it concerns me to think that people are missing out on the awesome that is this store. Reader it’s wonderful. It evokes all things Mexicana, with mouth-watering textures, bold, tasty colours and cracking build quality and design. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and it pleases me no end that it’s still going strong and that Zinnia Karu is still churning out exceptional home ware in her inimitable style.

As I commented before, I LOVE MY HOUSE. But one of my only (very minor) quibbles was that the neutral tones needed spicing up with colour a tad. But of course, a blank canvas allows you to decorate it in any way you please, and but adding just the right amount of accessories you can brighten up any abode.  And that’s precisely what I’ve done; raiding my inventory for bright, bold pieces that reflect not only my personality but perfectly encapsulate my style. Zinnia’s is essential in that mix.

As you can see, I’m in the kitchen (stop laughing at the back!) preparing a Valentine’s feast for Jez.  (You know, my partner Jez, in RL and SL, the one you never see. Yes, he exists. Honest.) But I’m not the focus in this picture; what I’ve done is illuminate and enhance the environment with a few choice Zinnias Pieces.

First of all is the utterly gorgeous ‘Mexican Nicho’. That’s the wooden framed box you can see behind the chair. It features an iconic image of the Virgin Mary, and a wee candle glows in the corner. Now, I’m not Catholic, but I do love me some Catholic imagery, plus this is a lovely piece that really fills a corner. It’s also a talking point. Not only that, it’s L$75. This is a brilliant price if you ask me.

You can also see one of a pair of ‘Acapulco Retro Glam Velvet Drapes’. You don’t have to use curtains to hide windows; they hide corners (and junk) beautifully and soften entrance ways. This is a cracking set and fortunately it’s modify, so if you want to make them bigger/smaller/wider then of course you can.  You can also remove the shadow too; lessens the prim count and shading’s not always necessary.  Utterly kitsch gorgeousness and at L$75 a pair you’d be completely insane if you didn’t invest.

The ‘Papal Picado’ pennant hanging over the kitchen blind is also from Zinnias.  I have to be honest and say I don’t know if these are available to buy in store or not; I could see them but I couldn’t see a price. Either way, again they have the effect of softening a space and really jazzing it up.   Perfect for parties no?

The final item from Zinnias in the picture is her latest release; ‘Woodland Flowers Mirror’. This is so pretty, it’s beautifully textured featuring rustic twigs and adorned with fresh oriental lilies and delicate baby’s breath. What I really like about it though is the texture on the glass, you see a reflection of woodland (naturally) and it just looks super-pretty.  It’s L$145 and worth every penny.

There are also a couple of outstanding hunt prizes to find in store. There’s the ‘Cold Winter’s Nights’ Hunt prize still available for L$10, and guys it’s a crystal sodding cave that has to be seen to be believed.

There’s also the FTLO..Hunt (For the love of apparently) and this week you’ll find a rather whimsical Cat & Bird Coat Tree.  I’m a bit out of touch with hunts so didn’t know this was running.  You can pick up last week’s item for L$10 outside the store and it’s well worth buying; it’s a Cozy Couples Hammock Seat.


It comes equipped with poses for both singles (that’ll be me most of the smegging time then) and couples, as well as props. Cuddle perfection and ideal for Valentine’s Day. Oh, and speaking of Valentine’s Day, make sure you check out the beautiful ‘Boho Baby Valentine’s Daybed’ which I’m demonstrating in the picture below. It’s really pretty and mixes up Mexican and Bohemian styling to a ‘T’. Of course there are solo and couple poses in it, and it’s a tempting purchase at L$199.


Last but not least, make sure you check out the amazing freebies to be found in store as well as the fabulous offer on the ‘Le Gatineu’ bedroom pieces.  I own this set and it is truly outstanding, and I highly recommend it!

The bed is usually  L$250L but this weekend it’s only L$99L. The washstand and bedside table are similarly reduced to L$75 each. Not to be missed.

I really enjoyed my return visit to Zinnias, and must visit more often. I implore you to join the Mexican wave (hahahaha, shit puns ahoy!) and go and visit the store.  I Kitty promise that you won’t be disappointed.