I want to live like Common(er) people..

I want to live like Common(er) people..


I’ve been meaning to blog ‘Common’ for a while. It’s one of those quirky stores that I’m always harping on about, but I’m totally justified in doing so. It’s brilliant.

It’s also attached to a rather lovely build; a coffee house. I’m always on the look-out for new places to go with friends and hang out, and I like the vibe you get from a coffee house. (Even though in RL I think paying anything above £1 for a brew is scandalous, so sod you Starbucks!) I also noticed the microphone in the corner, which leads me to think that there’s more to this coffee house than meets the eye.

But back to the goodies, of which there are plentyJ

First up, it has three Gacha in store that I insist you try. For one they’re only L$25 a punt. For two, they’re fabulous. Two of the machines are particularly good; the  Origami Deer Heads look fab ( I won a pink and purple one, kept the purple but gifted the pink) and I really am itching to complete my Monogram Marquee lights. I’m missing so many letters. (If anyone wants to do a swap please ping me in-world? I have E and P for swapsies.  I need K, I, T and another T. I have a Y.  I want my name in lights!)

OK – onto the good stuff. And it is indeed good stuff. First up, I MUST tell you about today’s Fifty Linden Friday option, because it’s inspired. It’s simple yet very effective, poignant even. A lot of people  in Second Life are partnered to, or in relationships with Avatars that are some distance away from each other. Often this is in RL, not just Second, so this map with love heart push-pins will really resonate. There are two options: USA or The World. I love it. Fortunately for me, or unfortunately depending upon the mood that I am in, I share the same abode with both my RL and SL partner so I don’t really have need for this item. But I think both are absolutely gorgeous, and would make an especially brilliant Valentine’s gift (more on those later). Of course, each map is L$50.


So apart from FLF goodness, what else will you find? Well, I have a new house, so I need home ware right? And nothing, NOTHING is more appropriate for me than this collection of ‘Vice Jars’, featuring an array of vices that Judy Garland would be proud of. I love the twisted aspect of these, and they really look the part (Why not gift these as a house-warming present to someone you love, hate, or just want to annoy? They cost L$150). Also prides of place in my home are the Rage Face Nesting Dolls. I unashamedly adore internet memes so these were a must have for me.  (They cost L$150).  If you’re a smoker then you may find the cigarette-styled scarf appealing. It is very original and looks really funky, so I might buy it for my Dad to wear seeing as he likes filling his lungs full of crud. (Non-smoker here, can’t you tell?) The scarf is $175.


Incidentally, ‘Commoner’ has joined the Valentine’s lunacy that’s descended upon the grid with a very elegant bouquet of Roses and a lovely box of virtual choccies to share with your loved one. A steal at L$150 each and of course they’re transfer. ( Note: Fatpack version of both available on Marketplace at L$250 which will save you L$50, which is two Gacha punts. Ahem.)

I’m not going to tell you about everything for sale here because I want you to go visit yourself please.  There’s a real array of idiosyncratic items, all built to an extremely high-standard (as is evident from the coffee house build) and all are textured beautifully. This is a really great store to add to your list of must-visit places, and it’s clear that Emery Milneaux has a fabulous imagination. Click HERE to visit in-world, or HERE for the marketplace (where you can of course buy items as gifts for people, whoop!)

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