Hunting For Valentine’s Day Happy At Ricielli

Hunting For Valentine’s Day Happy At Ricielli


Gotta love FabFree. Any fashion loving avatar who knows their onions from their cashew nuts should check it out AT LEAST once a day to find out the latest freebies and deals that are hitting the grid.

Of course with Valentines Day peeking around the corner there’s already loads of appropriately themed goodies to pick from, and seeing as the day itself isn’t until Thursday there’s sure to be a shit-load of wonderfulness dropped onto the grid in the very near future.  (So ensure that you add Fabfree  to your favourites and keep checking in, lest you miss the awesome!)

Here’s an example, had I not checked Fabfree I would’ve missed out on Ricielli’s Valentine’s Hunt, as blogged by the beautiful Love Trill. And I would have missed out big time. ( I missed the Christmas one..bah humbug!) I checked my inventory to see how many items I had from Ricielli and it confirmed that I didn’t have many. Well, that has now been rectified, because not only have I got some fantastic hunt goodies I’ve also promised myself a return visit come pay day when I’ll be going back with gusto, and some space in my inventory to fill. It would be rude not to really!

There are 20 heart-shaped boxes in this hunt, each can be bought for L$15. Some people don’t mind paying for hunt items, others do. I don’t mind if I know the retailer offers quality items and if I have an inkling of what is in store. Well fortunately for us Ricielli has gone the extra mile by supplying a poster displaying ALL the hunt items, so you can select which items you want to get..


This is so considerate! L$15 may not sound like much, but of course every Linden counts, and spending it on a hunt item that you may not wear is a tad wasteful. By sharing a picture detailing the goodies on offer, you can pick from the list and hunt down only the items that you want from the store.  The hunting part is so ridiculously easy that it’s not so much a hunt, just a stroll around the store looking at the lovelies, but that’s not a hardship. It’s a feast for the virtual eyeballs.

Note that EVERY item in this hunt is blooming stupendous.  Some items are more fabulous than others and are therefore more appropriate to my tastes, but I’m pretty confident that there is something here for everyone.  I blew my last few Lindens on my favourites, and I’m going to show them to you now.

I especially like the jackets , coats and dresses in the hunt.  These are wardrobe staples really, and they all look dazzling. To start, the photograph at the top of this post shows me wearing hunt item number 4. This jacket, in rose, is boxy and would look fantastic dressed down with jeans or dressed up with formal trousers.  I adore the colour of this jacket and the slight sheen on the fabric. (Note that item number 2 in the hunt is the same jacket, but in black)

Speaking of black jackets, up next is hunt item number 5, a bang up to date leather biker jacket. Not only that, you also get a brown version of the same in the pack. It’s a terrific jacket and evokes rock chick chic wonderfully! (For just fifteen Lindens. The mind boggles!) For the sake of saving you the embarrassment of looking at my nethers in this shot I slipped on an old pair of knickers on in an apt shade of red, rather than go naked (Note to self: Buy new undies) You wouldn’t want to see the jungle that’s hidden down there. However, there’s a bit of Valentine’s nipple visible in this shot. WAHEY!


My next selection from the twenty is a coat, which is hunt item number 15 on the list. It’s a lovely green classically styled mac, with belt knotted at the waist. You could wear with boots, heels or wellies and all will look equally resplendent. It’s a marvellous mesh creation, with superb detailing and I love that the belt is tied into a knot rather than formally buckled; details like this make for a happy Kitty.  I also really dig the buttons and the scalloped edging upon the pockets and belt. Wonderful isn’t it?


My other choices from Ricielli’s Valentine’s Hunt are dresses, and the first frock I selected is a rather refined example of the quintessential black dress. You can never have too many little black dresses in your inventory in my opinion. This one is number 12  and it’s is deceptively simple. It’s short and sleeveless with a subtly stylised band over the bust.   This kind of dress looks fabulous with short hair and statement jewellery.  I didn’t have a necklace in my inventory that I felt would do it justice, so I left my flesh bare, but I really think something large and expensive should be worn around your neck to truly compliment this mesh marvel.


Hunt item number 17 will surely make your Valentine’s heart beat just a little faster when he(or she) sees you in this stunning short dress with puffy sleeves and spectacular glittery texture. The dress also leaves ample room for cleavage gazing <chuckle>. Not only that, this prize is a double pack because you also receive the same dress in black.  This dress is so utterly beautiful that it leaves me absolutely speechless, not only at the styling but also at the generosity of the creator and the unbelievable bargain price.  This classic piece with a modern twist creates great presence; so I chose to dress it up with a pair of classic pumps from my inventory, and wore my hair in the ageless bob. It’s a true fashionista look.


But it’s not over yet.  When you’re doing the hunt be sure to pick up the little box behind heart number 11. It costs L$10 and is an item I presume from another hunt, but again it contains a lovely short dress festooned in magenta sequins. This would also be a winner for a Valentines date, as you can see below!


So there you have my selection of choices from Ricielli’s Valentine hunt. The best bit is that all these fabulous items in total cost me just L$75. Can you believe it?! Even more impressive is if you buy all twenty items (shoes, jackets, dresses, separates, eyeliner and a skin as well, phew!) it would still only cost L$300. It’s practically an entire wardrobe’s worth.  Madness. You couldn’t buy a single mesh dress for that price at some stores, seriously!

I really must insist that you get yourself over to Ricielli and indulge yourself on this hunt.  Miss this one and you’ll be kicking yourself until next Valentine’s Day! (To help you make your selections, if you need a better look at any of the photos here just click on them to make them larger)

Note: This post features me wearing the Ava skin by Belleza which is STILL on offer  in-store at L$400. To add some extra pizzazz I invested in a pack of lip colours specifically designed to complement this skin for L$400 and they contain every colour I could possibly require in matte, semi-gloss and high gloss finishes. In total that means I’ve spent L$800 on one skin but when you consider I have all these alternate lip colours to play with too it actually feels like I have a fat pack of skins.

I’m also wearing a multitude of styles from Elikatira, which are still on sale at 70% off until the 23rd of February.

Incidentally, the canvas in the last photograph is from Pilot and was their Fifty Linden Friday offering this week. The Rage Face Dolls  were featured on the blog just yesterday and they’re from Common.   The wines in my kitchen are all from Amuse. All photos were taken in my humble abode, the glorious Arizona House from Bazar that I blogged a week ago. You can read my blog post about it further down the page, or by clicking here if you’re super lazy!)

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