‘The Arizona’; The house that Second Life dreams are surely made of..

‘The Arizona’; The house that Second Life dreams are surely made of..


One of the most amazing things about Second Life is the fact that it provides artists, creators and inventors a showcase to display their objects and wares so that they can be enjoyed in some way  by the inhabitants and their peers.

It’s what keeps bringing me back from my doldrums, the fact that I know when I log in I will see something tantalising and amazing and so exciting that it will put the biggest happy grin on my real-life chops, let alone my Second Life ones.

One of the most attractive aspects of the virtual world for me is the architecture. I’ve often waxed-lyrical on these pages about houses and how much pleasure I’ve derived from them.  I’ve owned and adored many, each one beating the previous one in some way, but all loved and furnished with aplomb in equal measure.

So it’s with a huge sense of satisfaction that I’m delighted to say that I have a new virtual home. But what has made this one a real treat for me is the fact that this house incorporates a shed-load of mesh, meaning of course that for a prim whore like myself, even on a relatively small parcel of land I can still get creative with my furnishings and landscaping.  But the fact is, this house is such a complete package that you can quite easily chuck it on a piece of land and leave it at that, because not only does it incorporate stunning exterior design and stylish interior furnishings, it also completes the look with a fabulous arrangement of rocks, plants and trees meaning that you can just move in and that’s it.

In fact this house is such an astonishing achievement that I expect to see a lot of people owning it on the grid.  It may well prove popular for its own good, but I don’t care, because I am completely in love with it.  The house in question is the ‘Arizona’, and is the work of Ria Bazar Mavendorf, available at her store, ‘Bazar’.

I don’t know Ria in virtual or real life, but if I did, she is the kind of person I would like to shake the hand of and buy her a drink in the pub. And as we’d sit down to enjoy our tasty beverage with a bag of roasted peanuts, my first question would be, “How the fuck did you make such a brilliant house?” Because, no joke, it is just that. Brilliant. Sensational. Outstanding. Dear reader, there are not enough words in my limited vocabulary to be able to extoll the virtues of this palace of dreams. I kid you not, it’s THAT good.

And I’m confident of my appraisal, as my good buddy Amanda Shinji cam round to visit and promptly went out to buy the very same house. Now, considering her existing  dwelling was already a work of art, the fact that she saw this one and decided there and then to change is a big thing.   I’m not saying she’s an awkward chuff, as we have similar tastes, but Ol’ Shinjles opinions on many things Second Life differ to mine, and so they should.  So the fact that she saw this house and went and got one kind of affirms a) that it’s bloody brilliant, and b) I have the best taste in the universe. Official.

So, enough waffle. What do you get?

What you get is a contemporary home, featuring clean, crisp  walls and lots of wood and glass. The ceilings are inspired, glass but covered in draped cloth making them feel almost sail-like. It’s a glorious home to have next to the sea. The floors are wooden throughout, except for the bathroom and the sauna. The rear of the house has decking galore, seating and a waterfall pool area. All  are beautifully lit, with animations waiting to be discovered. I’m NOT going to tell you EVERYTHING about this place because I INSIST that you go along and experience for yourself.  Also, I’m not confident that I know of all the surprises yet either, because I keep finding things, sitting in places and discovering poses that I didn’t realise were there for example. It’s left me feeling totally incredulous, and wanting more. So much more that it makes me a greedy chuff because you don’t need anything other than what this house provides. It’s a complete Second Life home experience. Image

Right from the get go when you ascend the path and enter through the glass doors you know you’re in a luxury abode. This is Hollywood folks. It’s the kind of home you’d expect to find Leo Dicaprio lounging on the decking, or Ryan Gosling in the bedroom. If only huh?

As you walk in you find a dining area and the table has a myriad of rezzable settings, serving either a couple or foursome with breakfast, dinner or coffees.  You can even just rez candles or flowers for a furnished touch when you’re not throwing your virtual dinner party. For privacy, there are curtains and a stunning light fixture hangs above the table. There is  a brief entrance area/hallway with furniture that makes for a lived in appearance, a coat-rack and console table, as well as your security system. Image

Of course if there’s a dining room there has to be a kitchen right? This one is a bloody stunner.  Modern, sleek styling with colour change lights to make for the right ambiance whatever the occasion.  Not only that, but hit the worktop and you’ll find poses and animations galore; rezzing veggies to be chopped, dishes to be washed and other things to do. (Again, please bear in mind chaps I am NOT going to tell you everything there is to see and do here, first of all there is SO much it’ll take me a month to write the post, and secondly it’ll spoil the fun of discovery.  Trust me; this is an experience that you want to relish!)Image

The living area is large and spacious with a lovely view of the outdoor sun-deck and the waterfall pool. The sofa comes complete with a footstool that rezzes foodstuffs and assorted items like the table before it.  There’s a comfy sofa, as well as a corner chair where you can enjoy a quiet read. There’s a fireplace for warmth, and throughout there’s stunning artworks to compliment the styling.  The prints in the house are mostly fashion-related, making this obviously a perfect living space for a fashionista, but they’re easily adapted with your own textures. Image

Onto the hallway, where you’ll find doors leading to a bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom is sensational; a fantastic bed, ottoman and footstool with animations and props. Colour-change bedding and lighting with a clothes rack and shelving  featuring various decorations enable a cosy feel.  Readers, this is some bedroom, be assured of that, and there is a HUGE variety of poses for couples, friends or just solo sleepers. All the poses are classy though, there’s nothing cheap or tasteless about this production. Image

The bathroom is just awesome too, featuring a toilet, dual sink and shareable shower. All feature fantastic poses and props again; for example you can sit on the loo and rez a magazine, I kid you not! The sinks are great and you can rez toothbrush, hairbrush, make-up and other items to get you looking your best. Again I’m NOT going to tell you all that are on offer because you quite simply MUST experience this yourself; but it’s the best bathroom I have ever encountered in world, that’s for sure, and the couples shower poses are sensual and loving to boot.Image

And readers,  there’s even a Sauna!  Beautifully constructed and again filled to the brim with poses for singles and couples. Honestly, these couples poses have to be seen to be believed. They’re astonishing quality, evoking love and tenderness and all things nice, not nasty. As I stated before, this is a quality establishment. If you’re looking for something dirty and nasty, you’d better look elsewhere!Image

So there you have it in a nut-shell.  No question that The Arizona has to be the BEST house in Second Life right now; there’s very little by way of improvements that could be made.  The poses are sensational, the props are all perfect.  The thought and care that has gone into producing this abode is just beyond belief. All the textures that have been chosen complement each other beautifully and all the shadows have been expertly applied to provide just the right amount of realism.  It’s easy to add your own textures and remove components, and it’s super easy to install as well. Image

The only possible way it could be improved would be to add options for changing the colours of the interior; it would be nice to be able to colour-change the walls and ceiling curtains and drapes, as well as the furniture.  It could also perhaps benefit from a shared tub in the bathroom, or even an additional bedroom.  Perhaps if an Arizona V2 is announced these features will be added, but as it stands it’s near enough perfection for me to insist that if you have the space that you install this amazing home and live in it and love it.

You can live a very comfortable Second Life in this property, and everything you need to enjoy time with your virtual partner, family and friends is here.  It’s outstanding, and it’s my favourite house yet. I must insist that you go and see it and judge for yourself .  Trust me, you’ll thank me for it!

Here’s a link DIRECTLY to the house

You can purchase either furnished or unfurnished styles.

  • Furnished costs just 4390L (Land impact 549)   ($17.35/£11:05)
  • Unfurnished is 2590L (Land Impact 324) ($10.24/£6.52)

Pro-tips: Collect a free footprint to check it will fit on your land, and if you decide to buy take advantage of the offer that is currently available and join the Avenue Magazine readers group to save an astonishing 20%! (878L!)

8 thoughts on “‘The Arizona’; The house that Second Life dreams are surely made of..

  1. I have that bedroom in my house, and I must say it is awesome 🙂 This is a very nice put together house. If I were in the market for one I would buy it.


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