Quiet Return

Just like real life, it’s easy to become disillusioned with Second.

To be fair, 2012 wasn’t a great year for me, and unfortunately 2013 isn’t starting off as well as I would like. But that said, sometimes we all need a break. Like many others, Second Life was my break from reality, but sometimes even a virtual world can become just as over-whelming, just as much of a hassle, and you need a reality check.

So at the end of August I took one. I was up to my neck in breeding cats (again) and had started a blog specific to them, as well as a store where I was actually successfully selling my moggies. But something went awry, and real-life decided to make an intervention, and that was that.  My PC decided to play silly beggars for a start, and real life work pressures were just sapping at my soul. Blogging about virtual frocks and fancies  and breeding beautiful  cats became the very least of my worries.

So SL came to an abrupt halt for me.

But now I’m back, feeling better for the break.

I’m feeling hopeful that I can find my passion for blogging again.  I think it will be a tentative start; one of the reasons I stopped blogging in the first place was that I couldn’t see the point anymore.

I had a crisis of confidence for sure, but that makes it seem more grandiose than it really was. I couldn’t decide what the point of blogging was anymore. I’m not the kind of blogger who finds herself buried deep under review copies, but that’s never been my vocation anyway. I’d far rather buy something to support the creator, rather than be gifted it anyway.

The problem for me is that there are so many excellent Second Life blogs out there that I just couldn’t see the point of having mine in the mix anymore. There are far better written and photographed blogs to spend your time reading.  I can’t compete with the incredible Strawberry Singh, nor the fantastic Cajsa Lilliehook, the irrepressible James Wagner Au, not to mention  the always astonishing Bronson Twine, to name-check but a few of the outstanding blog authors out there.  I mean there are reams of amazing blogs out there. So why add another into the mix? Why bother to carry on?

And then I realised. It’s not about anyone else. It’s about ME. Kittywitchin always was a way for me to find an excuse to write, to blather about something, to vent , to passionately praise and to caustically condemn. But I lost my way.

I hope, as I start down this road again for the umpteenth time, I find it again. But even if I don’t at least I can say that I tried. You’re welcome to join me on the ride. It’s probably going to be bumpy, my skills are a little rusty after all, and I don’t know how frequently this bus will stop.

But I welcome you from the bottom of my heart of you want to hop along on the rideJ

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