Cold Logic Goes To London

I love logging in to know, death threats, final demands..<sigh>

Occasionally I log in to *nice* surprises. The kind that make me go “Squee” with delight, run around in an exhaustive fashion and have to change my Tena-Lady. They are *Good* surprises.

So it was with sheer joy that I logged in today and found a package from Cold Logic.   Yes, I KNOW I blog a lot about Cold Logic and I KNOW I blog a lot about Jane, but seriously until someone starts making clothes to the same standard then quite frankly I reserve the right to blog about their awesomeness until the cows come home, put the kettle on and watch Coronation Street.

So with that out of the way, feel free to salivate over this frock that I’m wearing. It’s called ‘London’ and it’s in plum too, my favourite colour. ISN’T IT GRAND?! It’s actually deceptively simple; it’s a plain shift embellished with a gauze that features a delicate dot-print. It’s over one shoulder too, making it totally on trend and perfect for partying. (It’s the kind of dress in real life that I’d wear to a wedding reception; except alas I couldn’t wear it in real life because I’d look like an elephant with thrombosis. Thank God for SL!)

The mesh shape is excellent, as you would expect from Cold Logic. It has the realism and draped feel that’s required for this kind of style, and it nails it. In fact, it has an almost Toga-like vibe to it, don’t you think? Looks great when you move too (In a ladylike fashion, natch) and is perfect with some killer heels and going back to my Toga comment I actually think you could wear this with some gladiator style sandals and totally nail the look. (Backtrack: I think this may be why it’s called ‘London’ know, Olympics and such-like. I’ll shush now)

This is versatile styling so you can be delicate with your jewellery and hair or wear something totally OTT; the dress serves as a perfect base for either look. I’ve gone delicate, choosing to wear some contrasting jewellery from Earthstones, along with my Curio Skin and some hair that I picked up at Hair Fair yesterday from Iren (which I shall blog about later)

I think I look a proper bobby-dazzler in this one.. Deffo worth chatting up at the bar:) Oh, and I know what you’re thinking, “But tell us how much it is Kitty!” Here’s the BEST bit.


Join the Cold Logic Update Group in-store and you’ll get this for your trouble…I know right?!

Better get going then…here’s your TAXI

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