Kitty Loves Warm Animation’s ‘Antique Outdoor Set’

Kitty Loves Warm Animation’s ‘Antique Outdoor Set’


WARM ANIMATIONS are an incredibly well established brand in Second Life.  Having been on the grid since 2009, they’ve grown into a loved and respected company excelling in poses and animated furniture items that help bring Second Life to, well, life! (Click on picture above for larger image, well worth a looksy!)

An item that I really do recommend wholeheartedly is this beautiful table and chairs, the ‘Antique Outdoor Set’.  It’s perfect for outdoor dining and activities, and comes complete with a menu bursting at the seams with Male and Female poses, as well as seated extras like, erm, knitting.

Being lucky enough to have a breathtaking view from the back of my house (not so much the front alas) I played about with my windlight settings and managed to come up with the photograph above. Imagine sitting here with friends and loved ones and enjoying a glass of wine…

Lovely isn’t it? This set is textured and finished extremely well.   The metalwork is a dark grey with minimal shine, and it complements the streaks in the marble tabletop and  the patterned fabric on the chair seat beautifully. In fact it struck me that it was an excellent  complement to the ‘Atelier Visconti Etienne Set’ that I blogged a few weeks ago.   (I have both on display at the rear of my fabulous home, and without sounding like too much of a show-off I must say it looks rather swell!)


There are rezzable props too.  I rezzed some cutlery and enjoyed eating a fry-up whilst I checked the set out in store. I do like a good, hearty breakfast (hence my being called Kitty Five-Bellies on occasion!) When I returned home later I selected the wine animation from the menu and rezzed a satisfyingly large glass of vino to watch the sun set.  Blissful!

The ‘Antique Outdoor Set’ is available at The Designer Warehouse at The Cookie Jar for a mere L$250. (This is a 50% reduction on the normal price) You’ll need to hurry to get yours though because this is a limited time offer. Don’t miss it!

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