Kitty Quicky – Bargains to be had at Belleza!

Kitty Quicky – Bargains to be had at Belleza!



Didn’t find out about it until today BUT Belleza is having a weekend offer where a selection of skins can be purchased for L$400 ($1.58/£1.01)

There are three female and two male skins to choose from. All are frickin’ amazeballs!

I’m wearing the rather splendid Ava in medium skintone.  I’m a sucker for glorious eye make-ups, and this winged shadow had me at ‘Hello’

L$400 is a bargain for a quality skin, and Belleza are amongst the best on the grid if you ask me.

If you’re interested, you’d better get to Belleza sharpish, because this offer will end at Midnight when we all turn into potatoes or something!

(Oh, and the hair is by [e], which is having a sale until Feb 28th, featuring a whopping 70% off! Will deal with that in another post coming soon. Besides, you’ve plenty of time to get there and enjoy, trust me, at the moment t’s packed and the lag was bloody awful when I visited earlier. But go you must, do not miss out on some of the most gorgeous styles on the grid!)

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