Elikatira 70% OFF SALE AHOY! (Kitty faints with excitement!)


I’ve been a fan of Elikapeka Tiramisu since her ETD days; which seem so distant now. Her return to the grid was marked with a huge fanfare from hard core fans, and it’s fair to say she’s been as successful in recent months with Elikatira as she ever was in her earlier days.The reason for this is simple; classic hairstyles with a modern twist. Whatever the occasion, you’ll be able to find a style to suit.  Traditional ribbons and bows, or less conventional asymmetric cuts with twisted prims in just the right places; each style reflects hard work, imagination and oozes quality. Not only that but the colours and hair textures are spot on. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be something on offer that will please you.

Another thing that I really rate about these styles are the production values and as a customer i really appreciate the variety of colours per pack; for your hard-earned dosh you’ll find five colours per pack in varying tones with ten in a rainbow colours box. Also there’s an Essentials selection which is really handy; 8 natural tones for every occasion in one handy pack makes for an inventory staple.  These are great purchases for photographers and stylists.  (In fact I personally recommend that you invest in these)  And of course there are fat packs to be had, and these are bursting at the seams with fifty, yes FIFTY, tones if you love a style THAT much.

But even better than that, there’s a sale on. Oh my gawsh it’s a corker, 70% off and when it ends the styles are retired. Finito. Making way for new stuff and things, oh the excitement! This of course means that you can buy up the entire store for not really that much at all..BUT, and yes, there is a but, good luck getting in. And then when you do, good luck not being hit by the lag-monster…

As is to be expected when a popular content creator has a sale the entire grid congregates in the store and basically it’s like walking through treacle, and demos don’t rez properly.So here’s a tip; run in (if you can) and grab as many demos as your arms can carry, and zoom off to the nearest sandbox that you can find. Once there, rez a box and squash it down into a square. Add another two of these, and a base, and choose a blank texture, making sure that it’s white. Voila!There you have a very simple modelling studio to hand, three walls and a floor, in which you can test your demos against a lovely white back-drop (or indeed any texture or colour that you fancy from your inventory)*  Pose away to your heart’s content and try out your demos in style with various articles from your wardrobe, then make a list and take a trip back to the store when it’s not as busy to buy, buy, buy!(For European SL’ers, in particular us Brits, that usually means waiting until early morning in the UK when all the Americans are in bed. Or at least should be! GET TO BED! Some of us have shopping to do you lag-hounds!!)

As I mentioned earlier I really like the Essentials selection, so I opted to buy this amazing long haired style, ‘Sound’, in that particular pack so that I could get a lot of wear out of it, just because I don’t normally go for long-haired styles. This one is a mesh-treat, and it also seriously reminds me of Angelina Jolie..

The sale runs until Feb 23rd so you have LOADS of time to make your selections.

Prices are dirt cheap too, I mean, almost ridiculously so.  Prices vary depending upon the style; certain regular five colour packs are just a mere L$66, with Essentials packs priced equally low, I’ve seen some at  L$84.  (There may well be some that are cheaper, but of course because of the lag I couldn’t click on every pack in store to be able to tell!) I’ve even seen some of the Fat Packs as low as L$310!

70% off is NOT to be sniffed at is it? So, here’s a taxi to Elikatira, and enjoy yourselves!

 * If you’re useless at building (I am, seriously) and want a basic modelling studio (Pfft, it’s basically half a box, LOL) then ping me in-world and I’ll drop one on you.  It may not seem like much, but armed with one of those, a pose stand with your fave poses in it and a sandbox you’re good to go for picture happy. 

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