Kitty Is Tantalised And Tormented By Toronto!

Kitty Is Tantalised And Tormented By Toronto!

I promised you ANOTHER Bazar blog-post yesterday.

Unfortunately my plans took a bit of an awkward turn, meaning I didn’t get to spend any time in-world at all, so please forgive my delay.


I promise I’ll make up for it by telling you about the latest BAZAR home release, the delightful Toronto House.

But first, some background. My home is of course the Arizona House by Bazar.  This was my introduction to the brand, and I have (somewhat obviously) been a firm fan ever since, because the house is BEAUTIFUL. It’s spacious and has all the features a girl-about-town like this little Kitty could possibly need. It would take something really special for me to consider changing it. (Perhaps an update to the existing structure with a few extra rooms could be just what I need.. An Arizona #2 perhaps?  Oh if wishing made it so!) 

On Friday I spent most of the day in a sandbox taking pictures of the Floria furniture set that I blogged previously.  As I was doing so, and having a kittygasm at it,  Ria Bazar dropped a review package on me and I almost wet myself.  It’s a good job that I wasn’t on voice at the time, because I made quite an excited ruckus! (Think the sound of a goose farting in the fog, yup, that’s me!)

Now, cast your minds back to The Home Show 2013. If you recall the Toronto furniture sets that Ria revealed there, then you’ll have an idea of what to expect from this build. The individual Toronto items proved extremely popular with their  simple styling and texture changing options. Not only that but they have true universal appeal, being adaptable to both feminine and masculine home environments. Well Bazar now have the house to match the furniture, and my word it’s GOOD.

It’s NOT a huge build, but it’s beautifully structured, delightfully textured and boasts great structural features. It’s nothing less than a virtual architect’s dream abode.

(Now I tried to take some pictures but I was in a sandbox,  and it was difficult to find just the right  angle that would present this house in the glory that it rightfully deserves, so I defer to the marketplace snaps that Ria has uploaded to illustrate this post, with the exception of a quick interior shot further down the page.)

First things first, I REALLY love that this home takes on the industrial flourishes that are hinted at by the Toronto furniture range. The emphasis is on clean lines, brick, concrete and metal. It’s back to basics but done so beautifully that it exudes a warmth that you would normally expect from a much grander build. The exterior is a delicious combination of wooden windows, bare brick and grey, weather worn concrete.. There’s a spacious patio area and a smaller deck to the rear.  To the side is a metal exterior staircase leading to an open roof space perfect for after hours partying with friends. A nice touch is the tree that rises up the brickwork to the rear of the build with a flourish. An even nicer touch are the extra trees (including bare and leafy) and the grass texture  that the house package includes, enabling sympathetic landscaping around the house.  A thoughtful bonus.

Inside the property the focus is on crisp lines and structure.  Open plan is the theme, with wooden beams and stunning brick archways. It’s a home that requires you to be conscious of the space that surrounds you and envelopes you in a surprisingly welcoming embrace.  Despite the industrial elements in the design this is not a space that feels clinical, instead it exudes designer comfort.


Walk around the interior and when you look above you will find yourself in a space that suggests a warehouse heritage.  It’s no surprise that there was a Toronto Arts and Crafts furniture set that would be perfect for this setting, because this home would be an artist’s dream with the large windows allowing for the home to be flooded with light. It’s clean, crisp and ripe for decoration; which I did a wee bit of, as you can see below:


To access the first floor you need to climb upstairs via the open wooden staircase into a large bedroom space with an adjoining bathroom. There’s a nice glass balcony that you can see above  which denotes the first floor, and would make a great relaxation area with a sofa and a few potted plants to decorate, or even a spa-massage table.

Toronto’s small size makes it a great choice for smaller land plots. As I was enjoying it I considered it a perfect choice for landowners; a few of these houses neatly arrange would certainly make a really lovely home rental prospect. I must admit I started fantasising about having a number of these in a block and decorating them..such FUN!

This really is a great choice for a virtual home.  With a 23×23 footprint, and a prim count of 219 ( the structure is 100% mesh) it’s going to leave you with ample prims to furnish on a small plot. Even better is the price; a structure of this quality should by rights cost an absolute arm and a leg, but it’s a very worthwhile investment at just L$1980.

It’s practically a steal at the price, and offers so much potential. Go and experience it in-world and consider making Toronto your virtual abode, I am absolutely sure that you won’t regret it. 

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