Even More Fabulously Floria By Bazar!

Even More Fabulously Floria By Bazar!

I’ve had a very pleasant day today, even though it’s been throwing it down with rain outside. I’ve been sat at my desk drinking mugs of hot steaming tea and catching up with e-mails, all the while feeling snug-as-a-bug in my Kigu.  Eventually,I found time to log on so that I could catch up with my blogging and take the photos that I needed  to accompany this post. I released a short while ago that  I’ve been sat here for hours, and you know what? I have loved EVERY minute.  

Blogging is my happy time and Second Life is my happy place Taking photos and writing about the things that make my virtual existence so worthwhile fills me with joy. I consider myself very blessed indeed.

And my blessings are many  today, because I’m blogging one of my favourite stores again today, and that store is of course BAZAR.  Regular readers are well aware by now that I’ve blogged Bazar many, many times, and I will continue to do so whilst Ria Bazar-Mavendorf keeps making such beautiful furnishings and homes.  Today I’m going to be featuring some new additions to the Floria range.  I have already raved about the Floria Bedroom, which is the style that I have adopted for my bedroom at home and I truly adore it.  I’ve also blogged the Floria Dining Room, an elegant dining solution that is perfect for evening soirees with Second Life chums.

Today I’m going to be featuring the Floria Living Room and Floria Kitchen.

Floria Style

It was with some joy that I learned Ria had created a Floria Living Room and  Kitchen in the same classical stying  that I had enthused about before. Of course I couldn’t wait to open the boxes and discover what was inside.  As I’ve said before, that apprehension you experience when you’re opening a review box is pretty special indeed; it’s like opening a surprise at Christmas or  paying a Gacha machine and waiting those few tantalising milliseconds before you see your prize. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed by what I discovered at all.

The Floria range, as we’ve established before, is a complete furniture solution for the more classically styled Second Life home. The design features elegant lines and shapes that evoke a bygone era, but are finished with a modern flourish that brings the range bang up to date.  The pieces in the collection are so well made that you will find that both traditional and ultramodern accessories work extremely well with the entire range, helping you to create a sumptuous abode.  Floria is indulgent and expensive (in appearance at least) Second Life styling, make no mistake about that.

What makes this range stand out are the options that come with each package. You can colour change the wood in all the Floria ensembles, and some of the soft furnishings too.  This is taken to yet another level with the Floria Living Room which includes a number of exquisite components such as coffee and console tables, lamp, curtains and cabinet, but the piece that brings them all together is the sumptuous sofa with both the cushions and fabric holding texture-change options.  This flexibility inherent in the range means that you can change your environment on a whim to suit your tastes at that moment.

A sensual atmosphere can be created by choosing dark, or even black wood options on the furniture and selecting a corresponding fabric, curtains and cushion pattern to suit. Not only that, but the sofa incorporates a fantastic array of poses for both male and female avatars. Like previous Bazar release there is the option to rez props to enable your avatar to read a book, surf the internet and a number of other actions too, but I don’t like telling you about all of the menu options, because it’s so much fun finding them out for yourself!

Something I wasn’t expecting in the sofa was the ‘Lovescene’ option. This is something I’ve only ever encountered once before, and it doesn’t take much imagination to work out what it’s all about. Instead of an Adult menu with poses for one action requiring intervention at frankly inappropriate moments, ‘lovescenes;’ allow for a fusion of  different actions allowing for a very natural, intimate experience.  For the sake of the blog I can confirm that I have fully-tested these (fabulous!) actions (Poor Jez!) and must  advise that these animations are not for the faint of heart. If I dabbled in such behaviour on a regular basis I’d fear for my eyesight!

One of the joys of Bazar furniture has always been the functionality, and Ria has really spoiled us with  the elements in the Floria Living Room. Not only are there all the texture change and animation options, but you can also click on the coffee table to rez props such as wine, and cake. Perfect for high tea with friends or a loved one before you push the coffee table out of the way and embark on an epic rumpo session on the sofa…ahem.

There’s nothing that I dislike about this living room. The tall dresser has a built-in display case featuring decorated plates and books, and there’s even space for a few of your own items in there too. I love the curtains and their vast array of fabric textures, complimented with an elegant railing and luxurious golden cord and tassel which coordinates perfectly with the opulent chandelier.

For my pictures I’ve added a few Arcade winnings to show you how beautifully the collection works with other quality items that can be found upon the grid, and I’ve also included a few of the texture combinations that you can make. Fabulous isn’t it?

Floria Living Room

Of course, once you’ve exhausted yourself in the Living Room, then it’s a good time to pop into the kitchen and replenish lost energy with a tasty snack. The Floria Kitchen complements the Living room, Dining Room and Bedroom outfits perfectly, with a traditional kitchen appearance, simple fixtures and metal fittings in the same gold tone that is carried throughout the range.  It’s quite beautiful.


The kitchen also has a simpler light fitting that’s more in common with the kitchen theme, but it works just as well as all the grandiose living room chandelier.The centrepiece of the room is the large kitchen island.

Floria Kitchen

Like the other pieces throughout the range, clicking  on the furniture will enable for texture change as well as a menu of poses and movements.  The menu in the kitchen features quality animations ut with a twist;  this time you can embark on a number of kitchen-related tasks such as washing the dishes and preparing food.

It’s always nice to be surprised in a metaverse where you think you’ve seen it all, and it’s the first time in Second Life that I’ve ever  come across the option to descale a fish!  

Kitchen Kitty

You can also enjoy a drink of wine with your partner or friends, and there are some more adult-themed animations too, for those who like to use their kitchen for making whoopee as much as jam. (Or cake…I do like the fact that a cake is always a feature in Bazar menus!)  I genuinely adore Floria. Everytime that Ria has released a new addition to this range it has excited me and entranced me which I must confess is unexpected, because my tastes are more modern when it comes to home furnishings, hence my adoration of the  Arizona and Toronto Bazar sets.  But the fact that Floria has me well and truly under its spell is down to the fact that it is quite simply some of the most beautiful and functional furniture I’ve seen in-world yet, and I admit it leaves me longing, yearning even for more.  In fact, I feel greedy for even saying it, but there has to be a Floria Bathroom as well, surely?

And don’t even get me started on the prospect of a Floria House..that’s too much to wish for! Or is it….??

Check out the entirety of the Floria Range by clicking HERE to visit Ria on the marketplace.

Click HERE if you’d like to go in-world to see the furniture in the flesh, and come back tomorrow when I’ll be featuring even more BAZAR! 

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