That Vouboo that Schadenfreude does so well..


I love me some collectibles.

In real life I collect Momiji Dolls. It’s barely a collection to be honest, as I only have four, but the nice thing is that each of them were gifts from my beloved on different occasions, and I utterly adore them. (Kitty glances up, looks at them and smiles happily.)

So you can imagine my absolute delight when I was mooching around  Schadenfreude and spied these ‘Vouboo Dolls’ in the Gacha! Squeee!


Before we crack on , let me just say that if you’ve never visited the store before then you should, because Schadenfreude is a riot.  It’s a cacophony of colours and style, making it a scrumptious visual feast for the eyes, and retails what I guess you’d describe as ‘alternative’ items aimed at the more Gothic and Punk inclined among us.  You’ll discover fabulous hand-drawn items as well as corsetry and jewellery, dresses, shoes and men’s clothing.  There are even deco pieces and shoulder pets; if you like stripes and bold design you’re in for a treat.  There is a fantastic range of stuff and things to rummage through in the store, all carefully created in Allegory Malaprop’s inimitable style. (Allegory has the most impressive green Mohawk in Second Life, fact fans.) Plus the store build is amazing, it’s an elephant. (I kid you not!)

But  I digress, let’s get back to the Vouboo Dolls. 


These are my collection so far; aren’t they totally delicious?


I’m so in love with these. Can you tell? <Chuckle>

They’re L$50 a pop, and there are 19 in Series 1 to collect. (Note the phrase ‘Series 1’; this makes me hopeful that there will be even more coming soon!) Of the 19, three are deemed rare and so far I haven’t got any of those, but the ones I have got are proudly displayed in my home.Each one is beautifully textured, as I hope you can tell from the photos that I’ve taken, and some even have additional features like ears and spikes and tails and..and.. and oh my, they’re just a bloody banquet on a stick of happy.  They just put such a huge smile on my face when I look at them!

The Vouboo Dolls are a real talking point, just like my Commoner Vice Jars and my Amuse wines, and I am gagging to get the whole set. I mean, literally desperate. I’ve even taken up ruddy fishing to get me some extra coin! (I’ll be writing a whole other blog-post about that, but I earned L$35 in just a few hours yesterday which is almost a punt on the Gacha. Yes I know I’m bloody addicted!!)

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I really do love Voculo, the little multi-eyed purple monster. But then again I really love Mewbit, and Cerny too..gah! It’s too difficult to choose. They’re all sodding amazing. I’ve gotten a few repeats already but have passed them onto friends, thus introducing them to this evil but wonderful habit. I care not a jot. I think these Vouboo are tons of fun and owning them in-world just makes my Second Life that little bit better than it was before. I only wish you could buy them in real life!

And what will I do when I have the whole set? Well I spotted another gacha in store……


LOOK! Foxy un-rigged mesh stoles at L$75 a pop! Bounce, bounce, bounce!

So wanna get the Vouboo habit? TP over to Schadenfrude and indulge in a bit of Gacha happy. It’s located on the bottom floor; you just need to slide down the pole to reach them and as soon as you land, there they are. Thanks so much Allegory for making these miniature bundles of doll-crack! Right, time to go fishing, I have a habit to feed!

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