Skin Fair 2013: Olivia From ‘Style By Kira’

Skin Fair 2013: Olivia From ‘Style By Kira’

ImageStyle by Kira will be showcasing the Olivia skin at the Skin Fair, and it’s a delight.

The first word that sprung into mind when I tried this one on was ‘classy’, and that it is, with a capital ‘C’.  In fact, it struck me while I was playing about with this skin that there was an  almost retro feel to it. I don’t mean that in a detrimental way, but in that there’s a timeless, elegant quality to it.  It will lend itself well to modern looks, but in my opinion it will really be in its element with formal wear and classic designs.

The strong colour-styling on the face makes this skin a real statement piece. The blush isn’t subtle, it’s striking; a bold splash of colour under the cheekbone that works extremely well. The highlighting below the eye diffuses any would-be garishness perfectly.


The brows are on trend; groomed but not overly styled, giving them a very natural, authentic shape.  The eye colours are exciting, with the blends of colour and strong lashes making the eye area a true focal point. You could wear this skin without adding prim lashes and it would work perfectly well.

The lips are well-defined in shape and stained rather than overtly glossy, meaning that they balance the stronger eye make-ups in the line beautifully. (You can however emphasise them even more by purchasing a lips bundle, which contains some lovely lipstick shades, and also parted lips revealing a touch of teeth! )  Additionally there are slight freckles and pigmentation to the facial area, giving a nice authentic touch.  It’s a lovely skin to photograph and experiment with.


The body is beautifully finished.  Lighting is key, and liberally applied to areas that would naturally benefit from shading and definition. The breasts are also beautifully done (stop sniggering at the back, details like this are important!) and all the key areas like elbows and stomach are finished professionally.

I think Olivia will be very popular at Skin Fair 2013, and deservedly so.

A final point: I noted when testing combinations of hair with this skin that Olivia works really well with Wasabi Pills hair, as you can see in this photo:


I’m wearing the style ‘Jamie’ in this shot, in Gingerbread, and as you can see it looks fabulous against this Olivia skin (Olivia 02DV1)

Olivia will be available at Skin Fair 2013 from Thursday. Be sure to try out the demos!

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